Jolly Good Christmas Movie: A Hallmark Gem (2022)

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A Jolly Good Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel is the season's first hit. We're only two weeks into their countdown to Christmas, and this movie is a jolly good movie indeed. Let's look at what I loved about this movie and why it should be at the top of your list this year.

Summary of the Jolly Good Christmas Movie

The Jolly Good Christmas movie aired on the Hallmark Channel on October 29, 2022. This movie takes us across the pond to the beautiful city of London. That right there makes this movie extra-special. The lights, architecture, and scenery are like a Christmas dream. The city is beautiful anytime, but it's magical with Christmas lights and decorations.

The movie stars Reshma Shetty as Anji, a personal shopper who bumps into David (Will Kemp) while out shopping one day. David is trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for his girlfriend, while Anji is shopping for her clients. As a personal shopper, it's her job to help people find the ideal gift. And Anji doesn't think a gift card is the best gift for David to give his girlfriend on their first holiday.

David ultimately ends up hiring Anji to help him find the perfect gift for his girlfriend, Charlotte. But, because it's only two days before Christmas, they must go shopping together to get it done in time.

The movie takes us on a tour of London via Anji and David's shopping quest. The Jolly Good Christmas movie does a great job of capitalizing on the location and drawing us into the city's beauty. Hallmark Christmas movies are at their best when they take us on an adventure and when they take us on a trip and introduce us to a new city or make us remember a place we haven't visited in a while. So whether you've traveled to London yourself or have never been, a Jolly Good Christmas will tap into your love of this royal city.

Jolly Good Christmas Movie Review
Jolly Good Christmas

A Jolly Good Christmas Cast

With Reshma Shetty and Will Kemp in the lead roles, I knew we were in for a treat with this Christmas movie. I have loved Reshma since I used to watch her in Royal Pains. As a British actress, she is a natural fit for this movie. Ironically, Will plays an American in this film, so he has to put his British accent aside, which is a bummer.

Game of Thrones fans will recognize James Faulkner in this movie. He plays David's boss and the father of his girlfriend, Charlotte. Another English actor highlighted in this movie is Callum Blue. Callum is best known for his roles in Dead Like Me and The Tudors. In a Jolly Good Christmas, he plays David's best friend and confidant at the office.

Jolly Good Christmas Cast
Jolly Good Christmas Cast: Will Kemp and Reshma Shetty

A Jolly Good Christmas Review

When I wrote my article about Hallmark's Christmas movie schedule for this year, I highlighted that this was one of the movies I was most excited about. I was excited to see Reshma again, and I typically love the European movies that Hallmark makes, so I was really looking forward to this one. I am so excited to report that it lived up to my expectations.

In addition to loving everything about the setting and scenery in the Jolly Good Christmas movie, I also loved the rapport between Reshma and Will. Their chemistry worked beautifully with the storyline too, as it was two people casually getting to know each other without looking for love. On top of taking us on a journey through London, the movie takes us on a journey through the gradual relationship that builds between these two.

A Jolly Good Christmas Movie Recap

This is one of those movies to savor. While I watch a lot of Hallmark movies while I'm doing something else, this one I gave my full attention because I knew it was something special. So curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and a biscuit. The Jolly Good Christmas movie is one you won't want to miss.

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