Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022

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Stores are full of Halloween costumes and candy, your favorite coffee shop is serving up everything pumpkin, but don't be fooled by the fall-themed festivities. Its time for the Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022 to begin!

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022

Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule for 2022

It's hard to believe, but it's that time of year again. The Hallmark Channel is getting ready to kick-off it's annual countdown to Christmas. This year the Christmas movie season begins on Friday, October 21st. New movies will air every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening through December 18th. There are 31 new movies for the 2022 Christmas season.

Highlights of the Hallmark Christmas Schedule

This year's schedule includes fan favorites like Lacey Chabert, Kristoffer Polaha, Alison Sweeney, and Andrew Walker. There are even special appearances from stars like Marlo Thomas, Ann-Margaret, and even the Radio City Rockettes make an appearance.

The schedule includes a lot of your typical themes, plenty of scrooges who end-up finding their Christmas spirit. And, of course lots of unexpected romances. I'm happy to see that the Hallmark Christmas Movie schedule for 2022 also offers plenty of diversity and hopefully it will also include storylines that have depth and substance.

Some noticeable changes to the 2022 schedule are some fan favorites who left Hallmark to be part of the Great American Family. So if you just can't imagine Christmas without watching a Christmas movie with Candace Cameron Bure, or Danica McKellar, you'll need to change the channel this year because you won't find them on Hallmark.

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022

Top Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022

While everyone has their favorite themes and settings when it comes to Hallmark Christmas movies. I think it's usually the cast that grabs your attention and makes you choose one movie over another. So looking at the schedule for Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, here are a few of the standout movies that I'm looking forward to.

  • Jolly Good Christmas on October 29th. This one appeals to me for two reasons. First, it has Reshma Shetty. Other than a few guest appearances in shows like Blindspot and Madame Secretary, I haven't seen her in much since Royal Pains ended. The second reason I'm interested in this movie is because it is set in London. I love it when Hallmark takes us on an adventure and who wouldn't love to visit London, even if it is only vicariously through a movie.
  • Three Wise Men and a Baby on November 19th. This one just has a lot to offer. First, it has a great cast including Paul Campbell and Andrew Walker. An added treat is the addition of Margaret Colin from the original movie Three Men and a Baby. In addition to a winning cast, I love that this is something different. The movie will explore the relationship between three brothers and I think romance may be secondary.
  • A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe on November 27th. This movie had me at cookie. But seriously, mix in a baking theme to a Christmas movie and I'm in. But more than that, this movie has Rachel Boston and Victor Webster. If that's not a winning team to watch I don't know what is.
  • A Fabled Holiday on December 3rd. I have to admit that this one is a bit of a mixed bag for me. It stars Brooke D'Orsay who I love. However, it also has Ryan Paevey and I find his movies to be hit or miss. Usually I find the movie to be OK, but his performance is usually a little flat. Hallmark also doesn't share much info on the premise for this movie, so it's hard to say if it's a hit or not.

There are certainly a lot more good looking choices for Hallmark Christmas movies 2022, but these are the 4 that I've put on my radar for ones to watch. Let's see if they deliver and meet my expectations.

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022 Recap

With 31 Christmas movies on tap this season there certainly appears to be plenty of good options. Whether you're looking for drama, humor, or tug at your heart moments, I'm sure the Hallmark channel will have something to warm-up your holidays. Stay tuned for my reviews and summaries for each of the Hallmark Christmas movies that I watch this season. Do you think I can make it through all 31? Stay tuned to see if I'm up to the challenge.

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