While some people enjoy listening to music while they work, TV has always been my go-to. I have always been the type of person who has the TV playing in the background as I'm working, or enjoying my favorite hobbies like baking and knitting.

Because I watch A LOT of television shows and movies, I have a wide range of interests. I tend to lean towards shows that make me feel good. But, I also enjoy some darker shows and sci-fi.

TVTweetie is where I share my thoughts, reviews and recommendations for shows that I've watched. When the world went into lock down in 2020, I joined so many others in binging shows that took us away from the real world.

Whether it's a love story, comedy, or family drama, there is so much to watch on TV these days. Especially since so many limited series and movies are skipping the theatres and going right to the small screen. Television shows are bigger and better than ever. We're here to help you get the inside scoop on what you don't want to miss. And yes, I love a good Hallmark movie. So you'll see a lot of reviews for those, especially the annual Hallmark Christmas movies. I can't get enough of them.

Happy Binging!