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Garland, Alaska, loves Christmas, but is there more to the story and maybe a little magic behind it? That’s part of the mystique in A Cozy Christmas Inn movie. Here’s a complete review of the story, cast, and tip for if it’s worth watching this holiday season.

Sequel to Christmas Under Wraps

A Cozy Christmas Inn is a sequel to the 2014 movie Christmas Under Wraps, starring Candace Cameron Bure. So if parts of this story sound familiar to you, it’s probably because you remember Garland, Alaska, from the original movie. It also includes some of the original cast, including David O’Donnell as Andy and Brian Doyle-Murray as his Dad.

The good news is that if you didn’t see Christmas Under Wraps that’s OK. You don’t need to be familiar with the backstory to watch A Cozy Christmas Inn.

A Cozy Christmas Inn Movie
A Cozy Christmas Inn Movie

Summary of A Cozy Christmas Inn Movie

Would you put love before business if a big promotion was on the line? That is the challenge facing Erika (Jodie Sweetin) in A Cozy Christmas Inn movie. Erika is sent to Garland, Alaska, to close a real estate deal for her boss.

Vivica A. Fox plays Erika’s boss Sharon. Sharon is determined to add a quaint Alaskan Inn to the firm’s real estate portfolio. But what Sharon doesn’t know is that the small Alaskan town she’s sending Erika to is where Erika’s old boyfriend Andy grew up. Will the trip rekindle old feelings for Erika, or will she stick to her business goals to close the deal?

The real surprise comes when Erika learns that Andy owns the Inn. He sold his airplane and sunk all his savings into renovating and opening the Inn. But with very few guests, he’s at a point where he feels that he may need to accept Erika’s business offer.

As Erika and Andy reconnect and talk about their past, Erika admits she felt there was always something he was hiding from her. Like he always had a wall up and wasn’t telling her everything. This ties into what appears to be a well-known secret to everyone in Garland. The family business that Andy’s Dad wants him to go into seems to be more than a shipping company. It’s a shipping company that only makes deliveries once a year, wink, wink.

A Cozy Christmas Inn Movie Review

This is a Hallmark movie that is good but could have been even better. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but it lacks a spark. Or those special moments that give you the Christmas spirit and get you in the mood. There is nothing in the movie that tugs at your emotions. Sure, you’re rooting for Erika and Andy as they have a natural comfort together. But for a town that is supposed to be Santa’s home base, there isn’t any Christmas magic and excitement you would expect from living there.

A Cozy Christmas Inn Jodie Sweetin

A Cozy Christmas Inn Cast

The A Cozy Christmas Inn movie has a strong cast. Jodie and David are both good in their roles as Erika and Peter, although I wouldn’t say that their chemistry screams love, and it’s more of a friend vibe to me. An excellent addition to the cast was Peter Jacobson. He is a well-rounded actor with decades of experience, including his role as Dr. Taub on House. I don’t recall him ever being in a Hallmark Christmas movie, so it was nice to see him in this one.

A Cozy Christmas Inn Movie Recap

I hope you enjoyed this A Cozy Christmas Inn movie review. With so many Christmas movies to watch this year, it can get overwhelming to figure out which one to watch first. This is one of those movies that is fun to watch but not one that I’d tell you to rush out and watch. Leave it on your DVR for now, and you can always get back to it.

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