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How do you get through the holidays after losing a loved one? In the We Need a Little Christmas movie on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, we learn that Christmas is a time to celebrate and remember those we've lost. Don't tuck the memories away; embrace them to keep that love near. Here's the full review for We Need a Little Christmas.

Summary of We Need a Little Christmas Movie

Julie (Erica Durance) is a single parent facing the first Christmas without her husband. Not only were they life partners, but they were business partners too. So Julie faces extra pressure for trying to carry on without him. She's juggling running her design company and caring for her son Gavin (Azriel Dalman). 

On top of being the first Christmas without her husband, it's also the first Christmas in their new home. Adjusting to life without her husband meant moving to a smaller house for a fresh start for Julie and Gavin. That fresh start also includes new friends and a new neighbor.

Julie's new neighbor Irene (Lynn Whitfield) reminds me of the Mrs. Miracle character from the Debbie Macomber books and Hallmark movies. She exudes Christmas cheer and joy. Not only is she their new neighbor, but she also ends up being involved with the Christmas camp that Gavin attends while his Mum is at work. It's at that camp where Irene and Gavin learn that they are neighbors and get to know each other.

We Need a Little Christmas Movie
We Need a Little Christmas Movie

Subplots in We Need a Little Christmas Movie

The primary storyline for We Need a Little Christmas is how Julie and Gavin cope during Christmas while grieving for their loved one. Julie wants to cherish the memories of her husband by recreating every Christmas tradition they had. But, for Gavin, it's too sad to do that, and doing everything exactly how they used to do it is just too painful for him.

As a widow, Irene knows about grief and shares her valuable experience with Julie and Gavin. She helps Julie open up to trying new things at Christmas and listens to Gavin when he says he is sad this Christmas. Fortunately, Julie takes Irene's advice and listens to what Gavin wants (and needs). So instead of a traditional Christmas activity, they support Irene at her annual Christmas magic show. Who knew there was such a thing, right?

Irene is facing her own sadness this Christmas. Her grandson Miles (Kareem Malcolm) is expected home for the holiday, but when he gets stranded at the military base caring for a patient, he misses the last plane off the island. Julie embarks on a mission to get Miles home to surprise Irene.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a Hallmark Christmas movie if there wasn't a little romance. While the romance in this movie does take the back burner compared to the other storylines, it is still there. As a designer, Julie helps Peter (Patrick Sabongui), a local restaurant owner, redesign his family restaurant. Of course, this means spending lots of time together, and you can see that the two enjoy each other's company. Peter is a good listener and helps Julie with some of her challenges this holiday. 

We Need a Little Christmas Movie Cast
We Need a Little Christmas Movie Cast-Lynn Witfield

We Need a Little Christmas Movie Review

I enjoyed the We Need a Little Christmas movie on Hallmark. I didn't love it, but I thought it was a good movie. The star of this movie is Lynn Whitfield as Irene. She has all the excitement and energy you want from a Christmas enthusiast. She's the neighbor who always has a smile, helps the community, and tries to lift people up. It's hard not to love a movie when you have someone like that in it. That's why I compared the movie to a Mrs. Miracle story. Irene's character reminds me a lot of Mrs. Miracle. She's not magical, but she's just as caring and helpful.

The We Need a Little Christmas movie could have done away with the love angle. I appreciate that they didn't push the relationship, and Julie and Peter are just friends in the end. But you can see the direction it's going, and I don't think it does anything for the movie. They could have left that out, and the movie would have been even better. I hope the Hallmark network realizes they don't have to make every Christmas movie about romance.

We Need a Little Christmas Movie Recap

If you need a little Christmas, pick me up, then the We Need a Little Christmas movie on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries may be what you need. It's hard not to get into the Christmas spirit when you have a ray of sunshine like Lynn Whitfield starring in a movie. It's also a nice movie to help those coping with loss this Christmas. The movie will not add to your sadness; instead, it may give you a coping skill or two to help you this holiday.

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