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A reporter investigates a family farm to get the inside scoop about the small business. But is there a secret behind the farm? Christmas in Pine Valley helps us understand the true meaning of family and that Christmas traditions should be enjoyed with those you love.

Synopsis of Christmas in Pine Valley

Natalie (Kristina Cole) runs the Pine Valley Family Farm and home goods business alongside her “Aunt Mary” and best friend. But when she blogs about the farm, and the Christmas traditions they celebrate, people wrongfully assume that it is a family run business. So when a reporter shows up to do a story on the farm, Natalie and her team pretend to be a real family.

Josh (Andrew Biernat) is an investigative reporter who got in hot water when an article he published was full of errors. His editor assigns him the Pine Valley assignment and fact checking every detail of the farm puts Natalie under immense pressure to hold up the ruse. They also just received a big order from a businessman who only supports family run businesses and they can't risk him finding out the truth. But Natalie feels guilty about deceiving Josh and ultimately comes clean about the business.

Christmas in Pine Valley

Christmas in Pine Valley Review

The Verdict: Blah. Christmas in Pine Valley is another Great American Family dud. I don't know why I keep putting myself through these terrible Christmas movies that the network puts out, but I'm determined to watch every Christmas movie this season, so I sucked it up and sat through this one.

I think the thing that bothered me the most in this one was the acting. It just wasn't a well done movie on so many levels. From poor acting, to poor music quality, and filming. There's just not much to enjoy with this movie. The only thing I did enjoy about this movie was the moral. Christmas in Pine Valley helps us understand that there's more than one definition of family.

A family is all of the special people in our life, regardless of whether they are blood relatives or not. But this idea is another reason why I didn't like the movie. I mean Natalie was running the business with her Aunt Mary, a woman who was her mother's best friend and who helped raise Natalie after her mother's death. To me that is family and the farm really is a family business. Or at the very least, it's a small, locally owned and operated business. Which, is exactly what the businessman who placed the big order was looking for.

Recap of Christmas in Pine Valley

I can't recommend watching this movie. There are so many good options available this year. If you want to know what I like best for the Hallmark movies, take a look at my rankings for 2022 Hallmark Christmas movies. And if you want to stick with Great American Family, Catering Christmas is one that I enjoyed.

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