My Southern Family Christmas Movie Review

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When a reporter gets an unexpected call, will she find the father who left her as a child? In My Southern Family Christmas, a Louisiana Christmas tradition helps re-unit a father and daughter who have been separated for 20 years. Will it be a happy reunion, or one that tears them apart?

My Southern Family Christmas

My Southern Family Christmas Synopsis

In My Southern Family Christmas, Campbell (Jaicy Elliott) is a travel reporter who needs to come up with a big story to help her land the featured spot in their next magazine. So when she gets a call from Jennifer (Moira Kelly) about a Louisiana Christmas tradition that her biological father is taking over, Campbell heads to the small town to learn more.

Campbell heads to Louisiana to learn more about the history of Pere Noel and Everett (Bruce Campbell), the man taking over the role in the town's Christmas tradition. What Everett doesn't know is that Campbell is the long-lost daughter that he hasn't seen since she was little. Campbell keeps her identity a secret so that she can learn about him, and the tradition, without their relationship getting in the way. It lets her see Everett as the man he has become, and not as the father who she thinks left her behind.

Part of the reason why Campbell agreed to go to Louisiana was because she learned that she has two younger sisters. She wanted an opportunity to spend time with them and was curious what her extended family could mean to her. Only Jennifer and Jackson (Ryan Rottman), the town's record keeper, know the truth behind Campbell's visit. They both help Campbell and Everett bond and get to know each other during her visit.

My Southern Family Christmas Movie Review

My Southern Family Christmas Cast

When I saw that Jaicy Elliott was in this movie, I knew it would be great! She was in one of my other favorite Hallmark movies this year, Romance in Style. And of course she was in Grey's Anatomy as well. I love her style and presence on screen, and she just has such an authentic way about her. Plus, she is so relatable I think she appeals to so many.

On top of having Jaicy in My Southern Family Christmas, the movie is filled with an amazing cast. It's lovely to see Moira Kelly and Bruce Campbell in the movie. Not your typical Hallmark stars and it was awesome to see both of them.

My Southern Family Christmas Review

The Verdict: A touching movie that pulls at your heartstrings. My Southern Family Christmas is the type of movie that had me hooked right from the get-go. I think part of that was because of the casting. I was so excited to see Jaicy in another Hallmark movie, and adding Moira and Bruce to the mix was just a dream.

My Southern Family Christmas has everything I hope for in a good Hallmark Christmas movie. There was charm, romance, and lots of emotion. The heart of the movie is about a daughter's struggle with the loss of a father who she believes abondoned her. But Campbell learns that there was more to the story, and the reunion between the father and daughter is so touching. While I won't admit to shedding a tear, I did get a lump in my throat. It is so beautiful and moving.

A Recap of the Movie

I highly recommend watching My Southern Family Christmas this holiday season. While I don't know where it will end-up in the final ranking of my 2022 Hallmark Christmas movies, I can tell you that right now it's towards the top. This is a beautiful Christmas movie that is worth a watch. It may not have skating, and snow, and other traditional Christmas themes, but it shows us that Christmas and traditions are just as beautiful in the warmer states. But most of all, it shows us that family is what binds us together and makes the holiday special.

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