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When an interior decorator enters a social media contest, she falsely portrays herself as a wife and mother. In the #Xmas Hallmark movie, things only get real at Christmas when people stop pretending to be who they aren't. But what hashtag does this movie deserve? Is it a dud, or a dazzler? Read on for my full review of this Hallmark Christmas movie that premiered on November 25, 2022.

#Xmas Hallmark movie

Synopsis of #Xmas Hallmark Movie

Jen (Clare Bowen) is an interior decorator who has a struggling home decor business. When her favorite brand influencer runs a social media contest during the holidays, she reluctantly joins. But thinking that being herself isn't enough, she posts the video entry claiming to have a family. Jen thinks that people will only be interested if she has a husband, kids, and the perfect home. So she enlists the help of her best friend Max (Brant Daugherty) to stand in as her husband. For Max it is an easy assignment, as he has loved Jen ever since they met in college.

Jen figured that she would only have to post one video. But when she is chosen as one of the top 10, she has to keep up the charade. It gets even worse when she is chosen as one of the 3 finalists and the influencers decide that they will visit each of the finalists in person to learn more about them. That's when things get extra hard for Jen as she has to build a fake family, and fake home to keep up her story.

Xmas Hallmark Movie Cast
Claire Bowen and Brant Daugherty

My #Xmas Hallmark Review

The Verdict: #Delightful! I really enjoyed the #Xmas Hallmark movie. I think there are a lot of reasons why this movie works. Let's start with the beauty of it. I mean Jen is an interior decorator and home décor expert, so the movie is filled with beautiful decorations. It's everything you would expect to see on the cover of a Christmas magazine, or in an HGTV photo shoot. I loved all of the decorations!

I also really liked the story, and the script. I say script because the writing was very witty and added to the charm of Jen's character. For instance, the banter between Jen and her sister as she's passing her nephew through a window to keep up their story is really funny. It's the dialogue, and acting by everyone in the movie that makes it extra special.

I loved the entire #Xmas Hallmark movie cast. Usually there's one or two people who drive me crazy, but this was filled with wonderful actors and actresses. Karen Kruper is great as Jen's mother and she too brings a lot of humor (and drama) to the movie.

Xmas Hallmark Movie Review

#Xmas Hallmark Recap

When you're scrolling through the dozens of Christmas movies to watch this holiday season, be sure to press play when you see the #Xmas Hallmark movie. I think you'll enjoy the charm, humor, and authenticity of Jen. I know that may seem strange calling Jen authentic because she has put together this big lie. But, deep down she's really just so insecure that she doesn't think she's good enough. I think it's a feeling that we can all relate to and is a wonderful reminder for the holidays. Don't worry about things being perfect, just enjoy the holiday and bless the mess that makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year.

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