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When a Prince visits a small town to investigate a business deal, he gets more than he bargained for when he meets a former Olympic skater. A Royal Christmas on Ice aired on Great American Family (GAC) on November 5th. Here's a look at the story and my review.

A Royal Christmas on Ice Synopsis

Abigail (Anna Marie Dobbins) is a former Olympic ice skater who now runs an ice skating school that trains the next generation of Olympic hopefuls. With her business in need of some help, and the rink she uses possibly closing, she has to figure out how to turn things around.

Prince John (Jonathan Stoddard) is bored with his royal life and wants something that is all his own and not tied to his family. So he secretly travels to the United States to search for a hockey team that he can purchase. Daryl (William Baldwin) is a business agent helping him find the perfect opportunity. He recommends looking at a small town where he can get a good deal on the team and the rink.

Prince John bumps into Abigail when he gets to town. When the two collide it causes Abigail to drop a cake that she just picked up for her mother's party that night. John sets out to make things right and he brings a new cake to the party. It's clear that he is smitten with Abigail right away, but it takes a while for her to warm up to him.

A Royal Christmas on Ice
A Royal Christmas on Ice

A Royal Christmas on Ice Review

If you've read any of my other articles, or looked at my ranking for the Hallmark Christmas movies this year, you know that I tend to love a British-themed movie. Not that A Royal Christmas on Ice is British themed since it doesn't take place overseas. But, it does involve a theme about royals and a guy with an English accent. Too bad neither of those things could save this movie.

The Verdict: Snore, What a Bore. This movie was not good. The pace was slow, and it lacked any emotion or spark. I also couldn't get behind the couple at all. She was so miserable throughout much of the movie that I can't imagine the Prince being interested in her at all. Let alone using the L word with her. Which yes, spoiler alert he does tell her he loves her. This was another thing I felt was absurd. A royal Prince who is probably very reserved wouldn't tell a woman he loves her after a couple of days. I just can't see it happening.

Not that I expect a GAC Christmas movie to be realistic, but there does have to be something that draws me into the story. Which brings me to the second big issue. I have a hard time getting behind the premise of the movie. A Prince is going to own a hockey team in the United States? Seems pretty far fetched to me. Another type of business perhaps, but a hockey team? Seems silly to me and not something that I can see happening at all.

A Royal Christmas on Ice Recap

With so many Christmas movies to watch each season, I think it's safe to say that A Royal Christmas on Ice is one to skip. There really is nothing to get excited about with this movie. No stars, or great acting to draw you in. And, it lacked the emotion and heart needed to make the movie touching or exciting. There are no big Christmas-y scenes, or situations that pull at your heartstrings and really draw you into the movie. Just another mediocre Christmas movie from the Great American Family. I'm hoping that the upcoming movies scheduled for the Thanksgiving weekend will be more successful, because this one was very disappointing.

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