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She walked away from music to go to law school and he followed his dream and became a singer. Can they reunite and find happiness together? The Hallmark Channel's When I Think of Christmas tells us that we all need to think with our hearts instead of our heads. Does this movie have the heart to make it a winner? I share my review and summary of the movie below.

When I Think of Christmas Synopsis

Sara (Shenae Grimes-Beech) hasn't seen her old boyfriend Josh (Niall Matter) in ten years. She walked away from the relationship when she chose law school over a music career. It was the path her mother wanted for her, but Sara is questioning her choices. When she returns home to spend time with her mother during the holidays and help her move, Sara sees Josh for the first time since she left.

When Sara helps Josh direct a music concert for the town, the two get to re-examine their past. They are able to forgive each other for past mistakes, and to imagine what life could be like together again. The concert sparks Sara's love of music again. It also gives her mother Anna (Beth Broderick) the same opportunity.

Anna and her husband had a music career together, but when he died the music inside her died as well. She pushed aside that part of her life and pushed Sara to do the same. Anna had been a starving artist and she didn't want Sara to face that same struggle. But when Sara digs up some of her old music and the final song written by her husband, Anna finally finds the courage to sing again.

When I Think of Christmas is all about second chances. Sarah and Josh have a second chance at love and Sarah's mother has a second chance at love as well. They all sing together at the concert and the music is the healing power they all need to move forward and be happy in life.

When I Think of Christmas Cast

The cast of When I Think of Christmas is the strength of this movie. It's always great to have Niall in a movie and I think that Shenae worked really well with him. It was also a treat to have Beth Broderick in the movie and even nicer that she got to show-off her musical talent.

When I Think of Christmas

When I Think of Christmas Review

The Verdict: Harmonious. I really enjoyed When I Think of Christmas. I think the struggle that Sara faced is very relatable. So many of us question our career choices. Or, forego one career to follow our hearts and choose something more satisfying. As the movie says, think with our hearts instead of our heads. When we follow our heads and ignore our hearts, we end-up without passion in our lives.

It's all about finding the balance in life and Sara realizes that she misses music. She is a successful lawyer in New York, but long hours and too much work has left her “content” in life. Josh helps her realize that she deserves to be happy. And I think that's the moral of the story that we all can take a note from, especially during the holidays. Fill your life with purpose, passion, and happiness. When you do, life is that much sweeter.

Recap of When I Think of Christmas

This movie originally aired on the Hallmark Channel on November 20th, but if you missed it the good news is that you can now watch Hallmark movies on PeacockTV. Just like the movie, this gives you a second chance of bringing some music into your life for the holidays.

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