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A Maple Valley Christmas aired on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries on November 5th. It is the second Christmas movie to air on the network this holiday season and it stars fan favorite Andrew Walker. But can he carry this movie and make it worth watching?

A Maple Valley Christmas

A Maple Valley Christmas Storyline

Erica (Peyton List) and her family have run a maple farm for generations. Her Grandparents found and developed the land years ago. It was just barren land back then, but they planted maple trees to turn it into the business it became. Erica lives on the farm with her mother, sister, and brother-in-law. They all run the farm together, celebrating the family heritage, the history of the land, and the Christmas traditions they've created over the years.

Thirty years ago the maple farm ran into hard times and the family sold off part of the land to make money. The neighbor who owns the land has decided to sell the land and retire to Florida. That gives Erica and her family an opportunity to finally buy-back the land and make the property whole again.

Andrew Walker plays Aaron, the son of a big real estate developer whose company is interested in purchasing the land. Aaron is sent to Maple Valley to assess the land and determine if it's a good investment. He bumps into Erica and there is an instant attraction.

As Aaron spends time with Erica, he learns about the history of her family farm. She also shares the story about how they lost the land and how much it means to her to buy the neighbor's property. Aaron tries to honor her wishes. He tells his Dad that the property is not right for them and that they should pass on it. Unfortunately his Dad is the boss and he disagrees.

A Maple Valley Christmas

A Maple Valley Christmas Review

You know anytime Andrew Walker is in a Hallmark movie I really want to love it. And I didn't hate this one, but it really missed the mark on what it could have been. Basically the scenery and Andrew Walker saved this movie. I loved the location for this movie and it was wonderful seeing all of the Christmas traditions built into the Maple Valley farm. I mean who doesn't love a horse-drawn carriage in the snow? Now if that doesn't scream Christmas I don't know what does.

I have to say I knew this movie was in trouble when there was a kiss between Erica and Aaron within the first 15 minutes. I mean that just does not happen in a Hallmark movie. And, it certainly seemed out of character for Erica. As someone who is very guarded and doesn't let people near her, this just didn't seem to fit and I think it laid the groundwork for how the rest of the movie would go.

I also wanted more spark and more excitement between the two leads. I mean they both are gorgeous so you can see the physical chemistry between them, but there was just something missing. Erica always seemed to have a wall up and I feel that prevented us from seeing the true spark and potential between she and Aaron.

A Maple Valley Christmas Recap

A Maple Valley Christmas certainly isn't the worst Christmas movie of the season, but I'm really disappointed in a missed opportunity. I think that Hallmark tends to get lazy sometimes. They put Andrew Walker in a movie knowing that he's a fan favorite, but then they cut corners on the story and other aspects of the movie.

If you're a big Andrew Walker fan, I think you'll enjoy some of his other movies more. And even better, we have a second chance of watching him in a Christmas movie this year. He'll be starring in Three Wise Men and a Baby airing on the Hallmark Channel on November 19th. Now that's one that I'm looking forward to!

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