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Take a trip to New Orleans in the Hallmark Channel's music-filled All Saints Christmas movie starring Ledisi. But can she do more than carry a tune and make this movie one to watch?

Story of All Saints Christmas Movie

The All Saints Christmas movie first aired on the Hallmark Channel on Sunday November 6th. Starring American R&B star Ledisi Young, this movie is naturally filled with lots of wonderful music. The movie tells the story of music star Lisette (Ledisi) who is facing some challenges in her professional career. Lisette is being pushed aside by her music label and is being replaced by a younger singer with more social media influcence.

Lisette's career gets some unexpected attention when a picture of Lisette and her old boyfriend Matthew (Roger Cross) goals viral. A fan captures what they think is a wedding proposal between the two. Lisette and Matthew decide to play along with the charade and spend the holiday together with Lisette's family in New Orleans.

All Saints Christmas takes us on a tour of New Orleans and gives us a glimpse of the city during the holidays. It's like getting a private tour through all of the special spots that make New Orleans magical. And of course that includes plenty of jazz and R&B music throughout the movie.

All Saints Christmas Movie
All Saints Christmas Movie Cast

All Saints Christmas Movie: The Good

I really enjoyed seeing a new group of actors and actresses in this movie. Sure there are familiar faces from other Hallmark movies. But, it was nice to see Ledisi and Roger Cross in the lead roles. And it was nice to see that these were two exes who really loved each other. Their relationship had ended for all of the wrong reasons, and the love they shared was definitely still there.

I also really enjoyed that this was set in New Orleans. As someone who has never been, it was a real treat to see that part of the country during the holidays. And of course since it's known for it's amazing music, it was nice to have so much wonderful music intertwined in this movie.

All Saints Christmas Movie: The Bad

As much as I loved seeing new people starring in this movie, my biggest complaint was the acting. I just had a hard time getting behind Ledisi in this role. There were times where I felt she did a great job, and other times where she just didn't seem sure of herself. She definitely has the musical chops to carry this movie, but I'm not sure I can say the same about her acting.

My other complaint about the movie is that the story is essentially a twist on An Unexpected Christmas that aired on Hallmark in 2021. This was one of my favorite Christmas movies of 2021 and although the stories aren't exactly the same, they both involve two couples pretending to be together.

If you missed An Unexpected Christmas last year, you should definitely watch it this year. Starring Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hynes, this movie is a gem. The pairing is perfect and I loved everything about this movie. Their chemistry, the humor, and the story were all top notch. And if I had a chance to watch this or All Saints Christmas, I would definitely stick with An Unexpected Christmas.

All Saints Christmas Movie Recap

Overall I enjoyed the All Saints Christmas movie. It's different from a typical Hallmark Christmas movie and for that reason alone I enjoyed it. I love when a Christmas movie takes us on location and I really enjoyed that this was set in New Orleans. Add in some Christmas charm, and musical talent and it's one that isn't bad.

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