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Can movie magic happen off the set for a fashion designer and movie star? In this Lights Camera Christmas movie review I'll share my thoughts on the Hallmark Channel's November 5th movie of the night as part of their countdown to Christmas. Let's see if this one is all action, or whether it's one to cut from your viewing list this season.

Lights Camera Christmas Movie

Lights Camera Christmas Movie Summary

Kerry (Kimberley Sustad) is a fashion designer who owns a local clothing boutique. She lives and works with her mother Nancy, played by Laura Soltis. Nancy is a huge Christmas movie fan and is thrilled that her favorite actor Brad (John Brotherton) will be shooting a new movie in their home town. It's like a Hallmark Christmas movie is set to shoot in your town and your favorite Hallmark star will be in it. Would you be over the moon about it? Well Nancy is, but I can't say the same about Kerry.

Kerry's store is going through some financial troubles so she has a lot on her mind and isn't instantly infatuated with Brad. But, when the producers ask her to fill-in as the costumer on the movie she can't refuse. It's money that she needs for her business, so she accepts the job and starts work closely with Brad.

Brad and Kerry get to know each other during the wardrobe design sessions they have together. But, they also start spending time together outside the movie shoot. She starts to warm up to his “King of Christmas” title and even watches a couple of the Christmas movies he has been in. And Brad starts to break down his movie actor façade and show his real personality to her.

Deep down they both suffer from insecurities and haven't always shown the strength needed to take big chances in their careers. This changes when Kerry applies for a fashion design position in New York and Brad accepts a job in London for a role that is radically different from his usual, uplifting holiday movies.

Lights Camera Christmas Movie Cast

The Lights Camera Christmas movie has a really strong cast. Laura Soltis is kind of a Hallmark regular in the mother role and in this one it's nice to see her as a positive and supporting mother. She exudes Christmas cheer and it really brightens up the movie. Her attitude definitely gets you in the Christmas spirit because her attitude is infectious.

Kimberley and John are both Hallmark regulars and are good in these roles as well. I liked their chemistry together and could see the two as a couple. I think my primary issue was with the sad and sullen approach to Kimberley's character. I found Kerry a little too much of a downer. Sure, I get not letting a big star think he's all that just because he's an actor. But, I think she would have been more enthusiastic and appreciative that the producers hired her and saved her store.

Lights Camera Christmas Movie Review

The Lights Camera Christmas movie was actually better than I thought it would be. Although Kerry drove me crazy and I just wanted to snap some excitement and energy into her, the character did get better as the movie went along. Likewise, Brad is a real ego-centric bore who I thought I would hate. But, luckily he shook that façade pretty quickly.

I think what's most enjoyable about Lights, Camera, Christmas! is that it's like being inside the making of an actual Hallmark Christmas movie. So for that and all of the Christmas energy it gives off, I'd say it's worth a watch. But there are definitely other movies ahead of it so checkout my ranking of the Hallmark Christmas movies for 2022 to see what to watch first.

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