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When a mother leaves her baby at the fire house and says she'll be back before Christmas, three brothers have to pull together to care for him. In Three Wise Men and a Baby, Andrew Walker, Tyler Hynes, and Paul Campbell star as the brothers who have to stop fighting, and start working together to care for this baby.

Three Wise Men and a Baby Cast

Three Wise Men and a Baby Story

Of course the overall premise of Three Wise Men and a Baby is exactly what you would expect it to me. It is very much a knock-off on the original movie Three Men and a Baby, where a baby is left on someone's doorstep. Baby Thomas is left at the fire house where Luke (Andrew Walker) works. The mother writes a note to Luke saying that she will be back before Christmas.

Luke and his brothers Stephan (Paul Campbell) and Taylor (Tyler Hynes) all still live with their mother Barbara (Margaret Colins). Each one has a different excuse, but suffice it to say that all three have struggled in life. The underlying issue is that their Dad left them right before Christmas when they were little. Luke was the brother who picked up the pieces and took care of his younger brothers. Stephan was the brother who retreated and hid away from the world. And, Taylor was the mess-up with anger issues.

Each brother has gone through life full of resentment that they take out on each other. With all of the boys temporarily living under one roof for the first time in years, Barbara was finally looking forward to having the best Christmas ever. But when Aunt Louise falls and needs help, Barbara leaves the boys alone to care for the baby.

Three Wise Men and a Baby is about the brothers putting their differences aside and working together to care for Thomas. Caring for him allows them to spend time together, and to lean on each other for support. They realize that they want to improve their relationships and to make this the best Christmas ever for their mother.

Three Wise Men and a Baby Cast

Three Wise Men and a Baby Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker

Three Wise Men and a Baby is really all about the cast. It starts with having Margaret Colin. Fans of Three Men and a Baby will recognize her from the original movie. It's a real treat to have her in this one, even if we don't get to see her as much as I would have liked.

Then there are the Hallmark hunks cast as the three brothers. It's a treat to get just one of these guys in a movie, but to have Andrew Walker, Paul Campbell and Tyler Hynes together in one movie is pretty special. Some of the best scenes are when all three are together caring for the baby. Playing brothers, you get the funny banter, and wit you would expect between siblings.

Three Wise Men and a Baby Review

The Verdict: Entertaining and Fun. Three Wise Men and a Baby was a lot of fun to watch. It was one of the movies that I was looking forward to and I'm glad that it lived up to my expectations. It was also nice to have a Hallmark Christmas movie that didn't focus on romance. Sure they were able to weave in some romantic subplots. But, these were really secondary to the primary story and I don't even think there was one kiss in the whole movie.

Three Wise Men and a Baby Recap

It's always nice when there's something new in a Hallmark movie. Although the story may have not been completely original, the twist they put on this story was a lot of fun. It was fun having such a well-rounded cast and I loved the humor that they all brought to the movie. I also loved the underlying message of siblings putting their past behind them. The brothers worked together to do what was best for the baby. And, to celebrate their mother by giving her the best Christmas ever.

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