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When a country star heads home for the holidays, she gets a second chance at love. A Country Christmas Harmony is a Lifetime Christmas movie starring Brooke Elliott. Filled with heart and soul, it's a movie about reconnecting with our past in order to move forward.

The Story of A Country Christmas Harmony

When Chrissy's (Brooke Elliott) music career hits a slump, her label lines-up a Christmas concert for her to perform live in front of family and friends in her home town. On top of performing in her home town, the label also wants to her to debut a new Christmas song. In a songwriting slump, Chrissy fears that she won't be able to put together the hit song that her career needs.

Chrissy hasn't been home in over ten years. She left on Christmas day and didn't have the strength to go back and visit. When she bumps into her old boyfriend Luke (Brandon Quinn), she has to face some of the hard truths about why she left. And, why she has stayed away.

A storm strands Chrissy at Luke's house where they get to spend some quality time together. She began her music career as a duo with Luke, and they reminisce about when they started out. Luke had been the songwriter in the duo, so Chrissy asks if he'll help her write her new song.

In exchange for helping Chrissy with the song, he asks her to help with his Grandmother's Christmas party. Helping with the party gives them an opportunity to spend even more time together. It's easy to see why they were a couple and why they were a powerful duo together. It also gives Chrissy a chance to apologize for leaving and for being away so long.

A Country Christmas Harmony
A Country Christmas Harmony with Brooke Elliott

A Country Christmas Review

A Country Christmas Harmony is a movie with a lot of heart. I love seeing Brooke Elliott in this movie. She has such a realistic and down to earth vibe about her. It's the same southern charm that she has in her Netflix series Sweet Magnolias.

The pairing of Brooke and Brandon is something special. They have a natural charm and connection between them. It's just a lot of fun to watch them together.

The Verdict: A winner! This movie has the winning combination. A good story, a great cast, and good music on top of that.

Errors in the Story

Of course I have to call crap on a couple of pieces of A Country Christmas Harmony that didn't make any sense. Namely, their ever changing weather. I live in New England where we have a motto, “If you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes.” But, I don't think that this fictitious town would have a rain storm one day and a snow storm the next. Seems fishy to me.

Two more errors that bugged me. In the beginning of the movie Chrissy and Luke have dinner together at Luke's restaurant. But where are all of the people? He has staff there to prepare and serve the meal, but there are no other customers there? Seemed very strange.

Another error is the blackout that they have during the big rain storm. They have candles everywhere, but they're able to listen to music from a record player. What magical electrical outlet was that plugged into? I know, I know. I'm being picky. But when you watch as many Christmas movies as I do, you just want the Directors to pay attention to the details and not insult out intelligence.

A Country Christmas Harmony Recap

A Country Christmas Harmony is definitely one that I would recommend watching this holiday season. I think it's probably my favorite Lifetime Christmas movie so far. I don't know if it's good ole southern charm, or what it is, but this movie was like comfort food. It is good for the soul.

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