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When a girl thinks that a man she meets is the prince from a Christmas story, her mother goes to great lengths to fulfill her wishes. Tamera Mowry-Housley stars in the Hallmark Channel's Inventing the Christmas Prince.

Synopsis of Inventing the Christmas Prince

Shelby (Tamera Mowry-Housley) has a family story that she has passed along to her daughter Grace. It's the story of the Christmas Prince. He is the magical ruler of the North Pole and each Christmas the Prince chooses one boy or girl to be his King or Queen. And that lucky boy or girl gets 12 wishes, one for each day leading up to Christmas.

When Grace meets Evan (Ronnie Rowe, Jr.), she thinks that he is the Christmas Prince. He has a birthmark on his hand, just like in her mother's story. As the story goes, the Prince has a mark on his hand from when Rudolph gave him a kiss when he was a baby. When Grace notices Evan's similarly shaped birthmark, she immediately thinks that the Christmas Prince has come to grant her 12 wishes.

As a single parent, Shelby desperately wants to grant Grace's wishes. Her father died when she was 5 and Shelby would like nothing more than to give her the best Christmas ever. But how can she fulfill those wishes since she just quit her job and Evan was her boss? That's when she comes up with the idea of blackmailing Evan to help her. She knows that he can't afford to lose another employee, so she agrees to come back to work as long as he plays along and pretends to be the Prince for Grace.

Inventing the Christmas Prince

Inventing the Christmas Prince Cast

The star of Inventing the Christmas Prince is Tamera Mowry-Housley. She is wonderful as Shelby. A loving mother who wants nothing more than to give her daughter the best in life. Having lost her father at such a young age, Grace has been through too much in life already. So when Grace truly thinks that Evan is the Prince, Shelby just has to keep the magic alive for her. It's what any mother would do for her child and Tamera really captures that in this role.

Ronnie is OK in this role. His character is a pocket protector scientist who has a hard time interacting with people. Think of a brilliant person who doesn't have the people skills to socialize and understanding emotions. That's Evan in a nut shell. So it's not that Ronnie isn't good in the role, it's just hard to really have much emotion for Evan because he doesn't have much emotion himself. But as that persona starts to chip away and we get to see the softer and funnier side of Evan, there's a lot more to like about the character and Ronnie's performance.

Inventing the Christmas Prince Review

The Verdict: Sweet. Inventing the Christmas Prince is a sweet movie. Tamera is excellent in this role and she really carries the movie. I think it's sweet to see a mother working so hard to please her child. But not in a bad way. She does everything out of love for her child, and wanting to see her believe in the magic of Christmas for a little bit longer.

It's those tender years that parents all hold onto. The seven year old little girl, or boy, who will do anything to get a glimpse of Santa or the reindeers. Inventing the Christmas Prince really captures that emotion and I loved seeing how touched Grace was by all of the wishes that came true.

Inventing the Christmas Prince

Inventing the Christmas Prince Recap

On top of being a charming and sweet movie, I really liked the messages brought up in the movie. Shelby urged Grace to be modest with her wishes. Partly because Shelby needed to be able to fulfill the wishes and getting her a pony to live in her closet wasn't feasible. But, also because she wanted Grace to be humble and know that Christmas was not a time to be greedy. I also liked that the movie showed a strong women in a powerful career. She is balancing motherhood, and a demanding job. And, showing us that you can do it all with a little help from your village.

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