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The wedding veil series continues with The Wedding Veil Journey. Nick and Tracy head to Greece for a long overdue honeymoon and they make some unexpected changes in their life while they're there.

The Wedding Veil Journey

About The Wedding Veil Series

The Wedding Veil Journey is the sixth wedding veil movie in the series for the Hallmark Channel. The original three movies aired in 2022 and followed Avery (Lacey Chabert), Emma (Autumn Reeser), and Tracy (Alison Sweeney) as the three friends found love and got married. The legend of the wedding veil says that the person in possession of the veil will find true love. And for these three women, the legend proved to be accurate.

In January 2023 the Hallmark Channel aired the next three movies in the series. These movies follow each of the characters on life after marriage. For Avery, her story continued in The Wedding Veil Expectations and for Emma in The Wedding Veil Inspiration. The Wedding Veil Journey is the continuation of Tracy and Nick's story.

Snapshot of The Wedding Veil Journey

Tracy and Nick (Victor Webster) lead very busy lives in New York City. With his two restaurants keeping him busy at night and her job during the day, the two barely have time together. So they finally decide that it's time for their honeymoon. Three years after their wedding, this trip is definitely long over due.

While Avery and Emma are both enjoying motherhood, that is not something that Tracy thinks is in the cards for her. She is happy to hear about their lives, but she doesn't have any interest in being a mother herself.

In The Wedding Veil Journey, Tracy brings the veil on their trip because they plan on delivering it to Nick's cousin who lives in Spain. But before they have a chance to pass it along to her, a guest at their resort is hoping that the veil will work its magic for her grandson. So once again we have another romance woven into a wedding veil movie.

The Wedding Veil Journey Review

I'm sure that some people are getting sick of the wedding veil movies, but I think it has been fun to continue the journey with Avery, Emma, and Tracy. As is the case with the original trilogy, I think that Tracy's storyline and movies are always the strongest. And I found that to be true with The Wedding Veil Journey.

One of the big reasons why the Nick and Tracy movies are the best is because these characters work really well together. Allison Sweeney and Victor Webster just seem like a great fit together, so they are an easy couple to root for. And in this follow-up movie, I love the emotion that Allison brings to the movie. It really is a touching story about how they help a local boy continue his education and support his enthusiasm for art.

On top of a moving story, I enjoyed The Wedding Veil Journey because of its location. The movie didn't show off a lot of Greece so it probably wasn't even shot there, but it was still nice to enjoy a beachside resort and the vibes that setting gives off. To me it transports me to that relaxing environment and I'm thrilled to go on a vacation vicariously via Tracy and Nick.

I knew in advance that Avery and Emma were going to make an appearance in this movie, and I was a little skeptical about it. I still think that it's weird to have friends crash someone's honeymoon. However, the way it was written, it actually made sense. Emma was there because Tracy uncovered a rare piece of art that she wanted Emma to discuss on her video series. Of course it is 100% unrealistic to think that Avery would fly over too, but I get that they like to include the 3 friends in a couple of scenes for each movie in the series.

The Wedding Veil Journey

Recap of The Wedding Veil Journey

The Wedding Veil Journey is the last movie in the second trilogy for these characters. I have to think that this will probably be the end of the series, but I guess we'll have to wait and see if January 2024 brings us a new batch of movies. It is nice to see such a strong group of friends, but maybe it's time to move past the wedding veil and just do spinoffs for the characters.

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