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The Wedding Veil Inspiration is the fifth movie in the wedding veil series on the Hallmark Channel. This movie is a follow-up to the The Wedding Veil Unveiled, which is the story of how Emma and Paulo fell in love. Now we get to see what they are up to after getting married, and how the wedding veil helps a new couple fall in love.

The Wedding Veil Inspiration
The Wedding Veil Inspiration

The Wedding Veil Inspiration Story

In my last article, The Wedding Veil Expectations, I share the backstory of the wedding veil trilogy and the story behind the original three movies that aired in 2022. So I won't give a lot of detail about that in this article, but I will re-iterate that this is the 5th movie in the series and the 6th one is scheduled for next week.

The story behind the wedding veil movies on Hallmark was inspired by the book There Goes the Bride by Lori Wilde and The Wedding Veil Inspiration is based on characters created by the screenwriters Judith Berg and Sandra Berg.

In The Wedding Veil Inspiration, Emma (Autumn Reeser) and Paolo (Paulo Bernardini) are living in Chicago. Emma is a professor in the art department and she is scheduled to become the next chair of the department. It is a position that she has been working towards her whole life. But as she gets closer to taking over for the retiring chair, she becomes less and less happy with the role.

Paulo is busy getting ready for the grand opening of the new retail store for his family's lace company. It is their first venture into the US, and there is a lot of pressure to make the store a success. Mateo (Carlo Marks) is Paulo's cousin who has moved up from Florida to help run the store. He also becomes the protector of the legendary wedding veil when a video of Emma sharing the wedding veil's history goes viral. Everyone wants to get a glimpse of the veil that is believed to have the power of making the keeper of the veil find true love.

So the The Wedding Veil Inspiration has a couple of stories running through it. There of course is the story of Emma and Paulo, but there's also the new romance between Mateo and Emma's teaching assistant Lily (Kacey Rohl). Could the wedding veil legend continue with these two falling in love?

The Wedding Veil Inspiration

The Wedding Veil Inspiration Review

In the original wedding veil trilogy, I think the story of Emma and Paulo was one of my favorites. Maybe it was because the movie was based in Italy. Or, perhaps it's that alluring Italian accent that Paulo has. Whatever it was, I really enjoyed the original The Wedding Veil Unveiled . In this follow-up movie, I found The Wedding Veil Inspiration to be just as charming.

Part of what I like about this movie is that I love the relationship between Emma and Paulo. He is such a romantic and it's so touching to see the gestures he makes when the two are apart. I think it's the dreamy romance that most of us dream about, and is probably why we watch Hallmark movies to begin with. So it's the romance, the relationship, and the love between Emma and Paulo that makes this movie special.

I also enjoyed that The Wedding Veil Inspiration expanded the cast to include a new couple. I like Carlo from his role on Chesapeake Shores, so it was nice to see him in something new. And I felt that he and Kacey were a quirky couple who I'd love to see again if they decide to do a follow-up movie based on their characters.

And of course, one of the big reasons why people love the wedding veil movies, we get to see Lacey Chabert and Alison Sweeney make an appearance. It's not much. They are only in a couple of short scenes, plus the usual three-way video calls. But, it's enough to keep us engaged in this special friendship. Three friends who are always there for each other and travel half-way across the country for a one night visit.

A Recap of The Wedding Veil Inspiration

On a snowy January day, I watched The Wedding Veil Inspiration curled up in front of my fireplace. It's the perfect way to enjoy a story about love, friendship, and finding out what we really want in life. Stories that we can all relate to, but Hallmark helps put it all in perspective for us.

Next up in the wedding veil series is The Wedding Veil Journey starring Alison Sweeney and Victor Webster. This one takes us to Greece, when Tracy and Nick finally go on their honeymoon. I've seen that Lacey and Autumn make an appearance in this one too, which seems odd but I'll reserve judgement until after I watch it.

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