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The Three Pines Amazon series follows Chief Inspector Gamache and his team as they try to solve mysteries in the Quebec area. The series is based on characters created by Louise Penny and the small town of Three Pines where many of the characters live. Here's a look at the new series and how it compares to the books.

Three Pines Amazon
Three Pines Amazon

A Summary of the Three Pines Amazon Series

The Three Pines Amazon series aired eight episodes in its debut first season. The series is broken down into four mysteries, each of which covers two episodes. Plus, there is one larger story that covers the entire season. The larger mystery covers the missing indigenous women in the area, and the police's lack of effort in solving these cases.

The four additional mysteries all have ties to the small town of Three Pines. This fictious Canadian town just outside of Quebec is home to Ruth Zardo (Clare Coulter), the eccentric poet who lives with her duck Rosa. Other town members include Olivier (Frédéric-Antoine Guimond) and Gabri (Pierre Simpson), a couple who own the local bistro. There's also Myrna (Tamara Brown), Clara (Anna Tierney) and Peter (Julian Bailey). A group of friends who all settled in Three Pines to get away from the lives they left behind.

Chief Inspector Gamache (Alfred Molina) heads up a Surêté du Québec team that includes Jean-Guy (Rossif Sutherland) and Isabelle (Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers). Assisting them is the local police officer Yvette Nichol (Sarah Booth). And finally, there's Bea (Tantoo Cardinal). A native of the area who knows the history of the people, the land, and the brutal treatment of the indigineous children who were stripped from their families. She helps Gamache and his team as they try to solve the mystery of the missing girl, Blue Two-Rivers (Anna Lambe).

Three Pines Amazon

Louise Penny Gamache Mysteries

As I mentioned above, the Three Pines Amazon series is based on the books by best selling author Louise Penny. There are currently 18 books in the series, starting with Still Life and the most recent one released in 2022 is A World of Curiosities.

I have read, or listened to every one of the Inspector Gamache books. My preferred method of absorbing these fun mysteries is listening to them on audible. There is so much built-in to each of the characters who live in Three Pines, and listening to their stories really brings it to life for me. I enjoy reading the books too, but for me I've gotten into the habit of listening to the mysteries so that's the way that I've enjoyed them the most.

Each of the Inspector Gamache books tackles a different mystery. So in essence, the Three Pines Amazon series covers four of the Louise Penny books. The first two episodes tackle the mystery of who killed CC de Poitiers. This is based on the second book in the series, A Fatal Grace. The three other books that take place in this series includes: The Cruelest Month, A Rule Against Murder, and The Brutal Telling. The mysteries don't follow the books exactly, but I believe that these are the correct ones. They are books 2-5 in the Inspector Gamache series. Here is a complete list of the 18 Inspector Gamache books in order.

Review of Three Pines Amazon Series

With 77% of the ratings on Amazon giving this series 5 stars, it's safe to say that it has been a hit with fans so far. I'm not sure if this will lead to a second season for the show, but there certainly is plenty of room for another season or two since there are over a dozen more Louise Penny books in this series.

The Three Pines Amazon series is an entertaining series for anyone who enjoys a good mystery. Chief Inspector Gamache is a calming presence at any crime scene as his behavior, attitude, and brilliance is quite different from a typical police officer. He brings more empathy, and compassion to the job than what you may expect.

The series doesn't get into this other than through flashbacks, but his empathy comes from losing his parents when he was just a boy. That loss allows him to understand what grieving families are going through. And, how solving a mystery is critical to their healing process.

As a fan of the Louise Penny books I think that the series does a decent job of portraying the characters. However, the show doesn't go into the depth that the books do so I never felt that any of the characters were fully developed. And as is always the case when you read a book and then watch the movie, not all of the characters were quite how I envisioned them. However, the important one is Inspector Gamache and I think he was cast brilliantly with Alfred Molina in the lead role. He portrays the compassion and caring nature of Gamache perfectly.

Three Pines Amazon

Recap of Three Pines Amazon Prime Series

To anyone who loves a good mystery, I would highly recommend checking out the Three Pines Amazon series. I think that you will enjoy the way that Gamache and his team solve each of the mysteries. And, you'll get a kick out of the quirky characters who make up the small village by the same name.

For die hard Louise Penny readers, I recommend going in with an open mind. While the new series doesn't live up to the books, they do come close. No series could capture the details of each character the way that Louise masterfully did over 18 books. So go in as a lover of mysteries and enjoy what this new series has to offer.

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