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The legend of the wedding veil brought Avery and Peter together. Now they are facing new challenges in married life as they juggle their careers, renovating a historic home. And, they get exciting news in The Wedding Veil Expectations.

The Story of the Wedding Veil

The Wedding Veil trilogy of movies debuted in 2022 on the Hallmark Channel. The movies follow the stories of three friends, Avery (Lacey Chabert), Tracy (Alison Sweeney), and Emma (Autumn Reeser). Their careers in the art world have them all living in different parts of the country, but every year they get together for a girls weekend. While visiting an antique store during their trip to San Francisco, they come across a beautiful wedding veil. The veil is too special to pass up, especially when they learn that the legend of the veil says that the person in possession of the veil will find true love.

The Wedding Veil is the first in the trilogy and it follows Avery as she meets and falls in love with Peter. She wears the veil at her wedding, and passes it along to Emma. Emma takes it with her to Italy where she is a guest professor in the art department at the University. While in Italy, she researches the history of the veil and is able to authenticate it and the story behind it. The Wedding Veil Unveiled is the second movie in the trilogy.

The Wedding Veil Legacy is the third movie in the trilogy and it follows the story of how Tracy falls in love. The wedding veil worked its magic for all three of the women, and I guess it did for Hallmark as well because 2023 brings us a whole new batch of movies that continue the stories for these three friends.

The Wedding Veil Expectations
The Wedding Veil Expectations: Autumn Reeser, Alison Sweeney and Lacey Chabert

The Wedding Veil Expectations Storyline

Avery and Peter (Kevin McGarry) are enjoying married life in Boston. They have a beautiful historic home that they are in the process of renovating. Unfortunately the project is proving quite stressful as the old home is riddled with problems. On top of that, Avery is dealing with problems at work too. Mason (Oliver Rice) is now in charge at the museum and his attempts to modernize the museum don't sit well with Avery. Especially when he brokers a trade that includes the beloved Portrait of a Veil painting that Avery loves.

The good news is that Avery gets some unexpected news along the way. She is having a baby. After multiple failed attempts to share the news with Peter, she finally blurts it out during an argument. Not the romantic and memorable way she envisioned, but just as special none the less.

The Wedding Veil Expectations
The Wedding Veil Expectations

Review of The Wedding Veil Expectations

One of the highlights of the original wedding veil trilogy is that it brings together three fan favorites with Lacey, Alison, and Autumn. While the three of them don't share a lot of screen time together, there are always the three-way calls that keep them connected during the movies.

I enjoyed the original trilogy of movies and The Wedding Veil Expectations was OK as well. I think that the story needed a lot more substance in it. Essentially the whole movie is Avery trying to share the baby news with Peter. I do love the cast and always enjoy watching Lacey, so I think that's a plus for the movie. However, I think that one of the problems with these movies is that Hallmark relies too much on the casting. They know that everyone will watch Lacey, so they don't have to put a lot into the script.

My other major flaw with this movie is Kevin McGarry's attempt at a Boston accent. As a Bostonian, it drives me insane when people try to do a Boston accent. First, Peter is from a wealthy family so odds are he wouldn't have a Boston accent anyway. After all, no one else in the movie does. He is the only one who attempts it and it's so bad that I just wish that they skipped it all together.

The Wedding Veil Expectations-Kevin McGarry
The Wedding Veil Expectations: Kevin McGarry

More Wedding Veil Movies to Come

The Wedding Veil Expectations originally aired on January 7th and there are more wedding veil movies to come in 2023. Next up in the series is The Wedding Veil Inspiration starring Autumn Reeser as Emma. I'm looking forward to this one because it looks like it introduces a new couple who finds love through the magic of the veil. While I love the three romances from the original trilogy, I think that branching out is a good idea for these movies.

The Wedding Veil Journey is next in the series. This one takes us to Greece as Tracy and Nick (Victor Webster) finally get away on their honeymoon. A movie that let's me enjoy the scenery and beauty of Greece? Yes, please!

The wedding veil movies may not all be winners, and their scripts usually need a little work. However, they are still enjoyable and a nice way to escape the winter blues. These original movies all premier during the month of January, so it's a fun way to kick-off the new year.

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