Love in Glacier National: Hallmark Movie Review

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They have different views on how to prevent avalanches, but when they work together to put a new system in place at a ski resort, will they find Love in Glacier National? Warm up this winter with Hallmark's newest romance movie.

Love in Glacier National Movie Synopsis

Love in Glacier National

Heather (Ashley Newbrough) is a scientist who has developed a new weather tracking system that helps forecast avalanches. When she heads to a ski resort to install her system, she meets Chris (Stephen Huszar), the director of the mountain who has a different view on avalanches. Although the two have opposing views on how to tackle these deadly events, they both share a love of the outdoors.

Chris is a single father whose daughter Samantha helps him train avalanche puppies. These adorable puppies will grow up and become part of his avalanche rescue team. Part of keeping people safe is knowing when to stay off the mountain because the fear of an avalanche is too high. Heather's system is the tool that helps mountains, rescue teams, and outbackers stay safe.

Chris prefers the old school methods of testing the snow to know if there's a risk of an avalanche. He appreciates what Heather does, but he doesn't think people should rely on technology to stay safe. To Heather this view is disrespectful. So as much as she is attracted to Chris, she can't imagine getting involved with someone who doesn't support what she does.

Love in Glacier National Review

In the thick of winter when many of us are curled up indoors trying to stay warm, Love in Glacier National is the perfect Hallmark movie to make us enjoy the beauty of winter. There's nothing nicer than a fresh snow storm and the beauty of snow covered mountains. This movie lets us enjoy the view, but from the comfort of our couch.

I think the casting for this movie was spot on. Stephen and Ashley work well together and I think that Stephen in particular is perfectly cast as a strong outdoorsman type of guy. I think this movie takes advantage of his strengths, which was really nice to see.

I also really enjoyed Amelie Wolf as Samantha. She is a sassy and strong girl who pushes her dad to go on a date with Heather. And when there's another woman trying to move in on her dad, Samantha sets the woman straight. It was one of the best scenes of the movie. I always love it when movies showcase strong women. But this movie went one step further by showing off a strong girl who stands up for herself.

In addition to the budding romance between Chris and Heather, Love in Glacier National also shows off the relationship between Heather and her sister Riley (Tegan Moss). The two were supposed to be spending time together in Hawaii. But when Heather's work assignment interferes with the trip, Riley joins her for a sister's getaway at the resort.

The other relationship that I enjoyed was between Chris and his daughter Samantha. I think they did a good job capturing the fears that Samantha has every time her dad heads out on the mountain. It's a natural response that a child has after losing a parent, and I appreciated how the movie showed it. I also liked watching the father-daughter duo and the love they share. Sometimes its the secondary relationships in these romance movies that are the most special. Or, at least an added bonus.

Love in Glacier National

Love in Glacier National Recap

Love in Glacier National was a nice way to finish out the month of January. In a month that has been so dark and gloomy where I live, I loved seeing the beautiful landscapes in this movie. I also enjoyed the chemistry between the stars, and the story was entertaining. After a month of wedding veil themed movies, it was really nice to watch something new and different.

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