Fall Into Winter Movie Review: Lori Loughlin

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She's on a different network, but Lori Loughlin is back on the small screen in the Great American Family's Fall Into Winter. She's the owner of a small candy shop who gets an unexpected business partner. Here's a look at one of the first movies of the new year for GAC.

Fall Into Winter
Fall Into Winter on Great American Family

Fall Into Winter Movie Synopsis

Kerry (Lori Loughlin) and her brother are partners in their family's candy store. But when his wife gets a job overseas and he has to move to London, he sells his half of the business to a friend from high school. And that person happens to be Brooks (James Tupper), who was Kerry's nemesis in High School. She can't imagine running her family business with him.

For her the store has been her life. She grew up in the store helping her grandmother make candy. She loves the history and nostalgia of the shop, so making changes to it is not something she wants. Brooks is a business person who is used to looking at the bottom line. To maximizing profits, and helping companies grow and expand. Their two visions couldn't be farther apart, but working together they realize that there's room to make improvements for both of them.

Kerry has never left home. She lives in the same house she grew up in. And, she has worked for her family business her entire life. She'd love to travel to Europe and check out where her grandmother learned her candy skills. But, she isn't a person who likes change. Brooks is just the opposite. He was a military kid so he moved every couple of years. He pushes Kerry to realize that change isn't always bad, and that pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone is how we grow.

In Fall Into Winter, Kerry and Brooks get a chance to revisit their high school experience. They both have very different memories of that time period, and of course the reality lies somewhere in between. What they learn is that they both were attracted to each other. Now they have a chance to set things straight and start anew.

Fall Into Winter
Fall Into Winter starring Lori Loughlin

Review of Fall Into Winter

It's so nice to see Lori Loughlin back on TV and it's wonderful to see the Great American Family kicking off 2023 with a good movie. I loved watching Lori and James work together. Their relationship was so authentic and it was a joy watching them together.

Fall Into Winter is one of those all around good movies. There's nothing magical, or over the top about it, just a solid movie that makes you feel good. And isn't that why we watch movies in this genre? I enjoyed the small town feel, the relationship that Brooks has with his dad. And, I liked the candy story. I mean as a chocolate lover myself, you doesn't love a good candy store. There's just something inviting about the shop, and it reminds me of my youth.

Final Thoughts on Fall Into Winter

Fall Into Winter makes me excited for what's in store for GAC in 2023. There have been a lot of Hallmark fan favorites who joined Great American Family in 2022, and I think we'll see new stars join the network in 2023. I am hopeful that there will be new series this year too.

I mean wouldn't it be fantastic if the network had some new mystery series like Lori's Garage Sale Mysteries from Hallmark? I would love to see her in those again, but I'm sure that series is dead so I'd settle for another. Whatever it is, I know there's a lot to look forward to this year.

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