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A small family-run candy store is known for more than just its delicious chocolates. The legend of their Valentine's Day chocolate cupids is that it helps people find true love. But does the Hallmark channel's Sweeter Than Chocolate have the perfect recipe for being the romance movie to watch as you think about love this Valentine's Day? Here's a look at the story, the cast, and my review.

Sweeter Than Chocolate

The Story of Sweeter Than Chocolate

Lucy Sweet (Eloise Mumford) and her mother Helen (Brenda Strong) run the How Sweet it Is Chocolate Shop. When Lucy's grandparents immigrated to the US from Belgium, they brought their recipes and love for chocolate with them. They opened up the chocolate store and it's where Lucy learned the business. After her Grandparents death, Lucy took over the business and her mother helps her with the customers.

One month before Valentine's Day, Lucy receives word from the landlord that rent will be increasing 64 percent. That's a huge increase and she doesn't think the store will make it. They do the bulk of their business at Valentine's Day, and then it tapers off for the rest of the year. But when her friend's post about the shop goes viral, there's hope for the store after all.

In Sweeter Than Chocolate, Dean (Dan Jeannotte) is a reporter for the local news station. He typically does investigative reporting where he uncovers scams and helps protect the little guy. So when his news director assigns him to cover the story of the magic behind the cupid chocolates, he goes into it with cynicism.

Lucy isn't thrilled to have Dean there either. Her grandfather believed that the chocolates were to be shared with friends and family. And, the legend should spread by word of mouth instead of through publicity. Lucy thought bad luck would come their way if they promoted the chocolates through the TV segment. But, with her business on the line she reluctantly agreed to do the story.

Sweeter Than Chocolate

Sweeter Than Chocolate Cast

The cast of Sweeter Than Chocolate is about as magical as the chocolates. I mean who isn't better suited for the role of Lucy than Eloise. She has the most beautiful, soothing voice and the narrated intro she does for the movie had me hooked from the opening scene. I think that as Lucy she also has the perfect mix of charm, skepticism, and vulnerability.

Dan is equally as good in his role as Dean. Where he starts off as a tough guy who can't believe in the magic of falling in love, his softer side quickly emerges. And when his original story for the candy store turns into a series where they tell the story of couples who fell in love after eating a chocolate cupid, you can see his cynicism melt away too.

My Sweeter Than Chocolate Review

Sweeter Than Chocolate was the perfect February pick-me up. On a weekend where Boston experienced record low temperatures well below zero, this movie was what I needed. It was like hot chocolate for the soul. Warm, sweet, and makes you feel good all over.

One of the things that I like about Sweeter Than Chocolate is that it shows the struggles, and growth for all three of the main characters. Lucy and her mother are still mourning the death of her father. That loss has led to the decisions that Lucy has made over the last eight years. And for Helen, the loss of the love of her life was debilitating. But the movie shows us how they move through those feelings.

And Dan's dilemma is one that is common in romance movies, but still enjoyable none the less. He is a broadcaster trying to determine the path for his career. Is it better to be a local hero, or a small fish in a big market? Of course we know how things will work out, but it's still fun to watch them both on this journey. You can almost see their walls going down as they get to know each other and realize that maybe the magic of the chocolate cupids has worked its magic on them.

Sweeter Than Chocolate Recap

There's nothing better than a good movie to brighten up your day, and Sweeter Than Chocolate has the perfect recipe for a good romance movie. At the end of the movie there's a scene where Lucy shares her grandfather's philosophy. He believed that all chocolate is a form of magic. But for magic to be it's best, it must have purpose. And what greater purpose is there than to love, and to be open to love in return.

Whether you decide to watch the movie, or read the book written by Lizzie Shane, I think you'll enjoy the charm of this story. For Hallmark's month of Valentine's Day movies, Sweeter Than Chocolate was the perfect way to kick-off the month that is inspired by love.

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