A Paris Proposal Hallmark Movie Review: Alexa PenaVega

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When an advertising team heads to Paris to pitch an idea for a new client, their relationship takes an unexpected turn in the Hallmark Channel's A Paris Proposal. Starring Hallmark star Alexa PenaVega, this movie pairs her up with a new leading man, Nicholas Bishop. Here's a look at the duo, and whether the movie has the same magic as the city of lights.

Synopsis of A Paris Proposal

Part of the Loveuary themed movies on Hallmark during January and February, A Paris Proposal takes us on a trip to the city of lights. Anna (Alexa PenaVega) is an account manager for an advertising company. Sebastian (Nicholas Bishop) is a creative director for the same company and their styles don't exactly mesh. Sebastian likes to think big when he pitches ideas to clients. He doesn't worry about the cost, liability, or scheduling issues that his big ideas present.

As the account manager, Anna is the one who has to deal with the after effects of Sebastian's creative ideas when they don't go as planned. But the head of the company thinks that they both can learn a thing or two from each other. So she sends them overseas to pitch their business to Durand Diamonds. Durand is looking to expand into the US market, and thinks that a US advertising company may give them the edge they need.

Things take an unexpected twist during the first meet and greet with the client. While sitting in the lobby of their store, Anna thinks that she sees her ex-husband. This gets her distracted and when the client asks her the last time she visited Paris, Anna inadvertently replies, “for the honeymoon.” Well of course the client immediately thinks that Anna and Sebastian are married and the two play along with the charade.

A Paris Proposal
A Paris Proposal: Starring Nicholas Bishop and Alexa PenaVega

A Paris Proposal Cast

Alexa is a regular on the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. Since 2017 she has appeared in at least one movie each year for the networks, including her Perfect Perfect Mysteries series. In many of the romance and Christmas movies she is matched-up with her real life husband Carlos PenaVega, but A Paris Proposal breaks away from that formula and pairs her with a new leading man. Nicholas Bishop is new to the Hallmark family and we'll have to see if he turns into one of their regular Hallmark stars.

A Paris Proposal Movie Review

A Paris Proposal Review

I'm always a fan of Alexa's movies and part of that is because I love she and Carlos together. Their charisma and chemistry together is always fun to watch, so I was curious to see what this movie would be like. I was so happy to see her talents shared with a new leading man. While I still hope Hallmark does more movies with she and Carlos together, I think it's also nice for them to branch out and do independent work.

The story of A Paris Proposal isn't anything new. It's really a story of opposites attract, or how two people's original view of someone changes over time. The movie reminds me a lot of When Harry Met Sally. It's two people who initially don't like each other that much, but when they spend time together an attraction blossoms.

Of course it doesn't hurt that this movie is set in Paris. I mean what romance movie can go wrong when it has Paris as its backdrop. I always love these destination movies because I enjoy being taken along on the ride. It's the vacation I wish I could be taking as I'm stuck in Boston during the middle of winter. But it's also the accents, the food, and the culture that hooks me in.

I really enjoyed A Paris Proposal and I think it's a fun, romantic movie to watch for Valentine's day. Is it predictable? Absolutely! But isn't that part of the charm of a good Hallmark movie? With this movie, you'll love the leading lady, hate the villain, and root for the couple to have a fairy-tale ending.

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