Curious Caterer Grilling Season Review: Hallmark MM (2023)

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There's another mystery to solve in the Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker movie Curious Caterer Grilling Season on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Can Goldy solve the murder and help her ex-husband stay out of jail? Here's a look at the latest in the Curious Caterer series.

Curious Caterer Grilling Season
Curious Caterer Grilling Season Starring Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach

Plot Summary for Curious Caterer Grilling Season

Goldy (Nikki LeLoach) finds herself in the middle of another murder mystery when one of her friends ends-up dead after a party that Goldy catered for her. Even worse, people think Goldy was somehow involved when they learn that the death was caused by a gas grill that exploded and Goldy was the last person to use it.

Goldy uses her curiosity and instincts to try and figure out who could have killed her friend. Of course Detective Tom (Andrew Walker) wants her to stay far away from it all, but with Goldy's ex-husband as a possible suspect, she can't just sit on the sidelines and watch the situation unfold.

Curious Caterer Grilling Season

Curious Caterer Grilling Season Review

This is the second movie in the Curious Caterer series. Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker are Hallmark veterans and fan favorites, so it makes sense that Hallmark would put them together in this mystery series. And with many of the other mystery series in limbo since the stars moved to the Great American Family channel, Hallmark is hot to fill the void of the Aurora Teagarden and Mystery 101 series.

I enjoyed the first Curious Caterer movie, Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate and I enjoyed Curious Caterer Grilling Season as well. Although, I think I enjoyed the first one more. The big issue with this one is that there were a lot of characters thrown at us in the opening party. It felt like the movie spent the first half trying to explain who everybody is and how they could be involved with the murder.

One of the things that I enjoy about this movie series is that I love Nikki and Andrew. They are fan favorites for a reason and pairing them together in these mysteries is a no brainer. However, good actors can't save a script so I hope that Hallmark does them justice with a really juicy story in the future.

Not that Curious Caterer Grilling Season was a bad story. It definitely kept me guessing throughout the movie and I really wasn't sure who the killer was. I just think that they could have streamlined the plot to make it better.

I also hope that in the next Curious Caterer movie they focus a little more on Goldy and Tom and putting them together in more scenes. Part of the magic of the other mystery series on Hallmark is that the leads often spend time working together to solve the crime.

I would like to see more of that and less time arguing, or Tom being mad at Goldy for trying to solve the murder on her own. This way they can play off the chemistry of the pair and add in more of the humor that works well between them. I find Andrew at his best when he is playing an upbeat character and sometimes with Tom I feel like he plays him a little too serious.

Curious Caterer Grilling Season
Curious Caterer: Grilling Season

Curious Caterer Grilling Season Recap

Curious Caterer Grilling Season isn't perfect and I think that there were ways they could have made it even better. However, it was still really good and I enjoyed following along as Tom and Goldy both tried to solve the murder.

Mystery 101 is probably one of my favorite Hallmark Mystery Series. With the departure of Jill Wagner I'm not holding out hope that there will be anymore movies in this series. So I'm am thrilled that Hallmark has created the Caterer series and I know that the chemistry with Andrew, Nikki, and the entire cast will only continue to get better with each future movie in the series.

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