Hallmark Christmas in July 2023

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Hallmark Christmas in July is a fun way to tap into everything great about the holiday season. Each year the Hallmark Channel gives us a chance to get a jump start on the Christmas movie season. Here's a look at some of the Christmas movies featured during the month of July. The best new movies, along with ones you may have missed from last year.

Hallmark Christmas in July

About Christmas in July

Hallmark Christmas in July typically includes three new and original movies. One new movie is shown every Saturday starting after the 4th of July. And in between, the Hallmark Channel shows encore performances of Christmas movies from last year and before.

The Appeal of Hallmark Christmas in July

What is it about watching a Christmas movie in July that is so satisfying? I think there are a number of reasons why fans (including myself) enjoy watching the Hallmark Christmas in July lineup. Here are a few reasons why Christmas movies are so popular in July.

  • We need to cool off. Some of us may be searching for a shady spot to stay cool during the hot days of July. The heat and humidity in my area has been unbearable, so the cooler weather highlighted in the Christmas movies is definitely appealing. While I may not get to enjoy the colder temps directly, I can live vicariously through the characters and imagine the cooler weather ahead.
  • Options are limited. The Hallmark Christmas in July movies are such a smart move for the Hallmark Channel because choices on TV are typically more limited during the summer. The streaming landscape has changed this a bit, but July is typically a time when network TV programs are all showing reruns. We're left searching for things to watch and the Hallmark Christmas movies are a great option for many.
  • We long for Christmas. It's fun to look ahead to the holiday season. Not everyone enjoys watching Christmas movies outside of the holiday season, but for those who do the Hallmark movies are a fun alternative to other options.
  • Can watch anywhere. Another reason why Hallmark Christmas movies are popular is because they are easy to watch. Perfect for traveling when you need something that you can watch anywhere. Whether you watch it on the plane, at the beach, or curled up in your hammock under the stars, a Hallmark movie is fun to watch in any setting.

Hallmark Christmas in July

Hallmark Christmas in July 2023

The Hallmark Christmas in July 2023 schedule includes two new movies. Christmas movies will play every night during the month, with the new movies airing on Saturday nights. The first new one will premiere on Saturday July 8th, followed by the second on the 15th. This is fewer than usual for the Hallmark Christmas in July schedule, but I think this year they chose to focus on quality over quantity.

A Royal Christmas Crush

A Royal Christmas Crush kicks off the Hallmark Christmas in July 2023 season. This movie stars Katie Cassidy and Stephen Huszar as Ava and Prince Henry. Ava is an interior designer and architect who helps her Uncle put the finishing touches on a winter ice castle he's working on for the royal family. Prince Henry is the point person for the royal family, and the one in charge of making sure that this year's ice castle is perfect for their annual ball.

Take Me Back for Christmas

Take Me Back for Christmas stars Vanessa Lengies and Corey Sevier as married couple Renee and Aaron. Although happily married and deeply in love, they both are stuck in unfulfilling jobs. When Aaron suggests that they sell their house and start the business they've always dreamed about, Vanessa says it's not the right time. But when an unexpected wish shows her what an alternate version of her life would look like, she quickly learns to look at her life with a new perspective.

Review of Hallmark Christmas in July 2023

Although disappointed that this year Hallmark is only airing two new movies during Christmas in July, I am pleased with the two they presented. I'd rather have two really good movies verses three mediocre movies which is what has happened some years.

Take Me Back for Christmas

The 2023 movies are both really good and definitely hit the spot for me. Out of the two I give a slight edge to Take Me Back for Christmas. With Vanessa and Corey in the lead roles I figured it would be good, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. Vanessa was actually in my favorite Christmas in July movie from 2022, Christmas at Toyland. So I guess she has really found her groove as the leading lady in these summer Christmas movies.

No matter the season, I'm always looking for something that is good to watch. Hallmark movies are wholesome, uplifting, and just what I need after a busy day. And while I'm missing the cooler weather and family gatherings that come during the holidays, the Hallmark Christmas movies in July help keep me connected with my favorite time of the year.

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