Guiding Emily Hallmark Movie Review

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In the Guiding Emily Hallmark movie, Sarah Drew stars as a woman who loses her sight and must adapt to her new life. Struggling without her vision, she finds new independence, confidence, and love with the help of her new dog.

Guiding Emily Hallmark Movie Review

Guiding Emily Cast

Sarah Drew stars as Emily, a rock climbing enthusiast who loses her eye sight during an accident. Antonio Cupo plays Matthew, a friend and owner of the rock climbing gym where Emily trained.

When Emily struggles to adapt to her new life, Matthew and others help her move forward by embracing the independence she can achieve by learning braille and using a white cane.

The biggest influence on Emily's new life, is the addition of her guide dog Garth. Voiced by Eric McCormack, the Guiding Emily Hallmark movie is as much a story of Garth's journey as it is Emily's.

Guiding Emily Cast: Sarah Drew

Review of Guiding Emily Hallmark Movie

There's a reason why this movie made my list of the best Hallmark movies of 2023. The number one reason why I loved this movie was the cast. I absolutely love Sarah Drew and I think she was amazing in this role.

This movie is based on the book series Guiding Emily by Barbara Hinske. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read the books for free.

One of the things that I really enjoyed about the movie is that it not only tells the story of how Emily copes after losing her vision, it also shows Garth going through his training to become a guide dog.

For a dog lover like me, getting to see a dog go through the training process was a lot of fun to watch. And with Eric's narration, Garth added so much charm and humor to the movie. We get to watch Emily and Garth grow individually, and then celebrate when they find each other in the end. It's a love story like no other, and one that I thoroughly recommend!

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