Hallmark Christmas Schedule 2023

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It's that time of year when the Hallmark network kicks-off it's countdown to Christmas. Here's a look at the Hallmark Christmas Schedule 2023 for both the Hallmark Channel, and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Hallmark Christmas Schedule 2023

Hallmark Channel Christmas Schedule

The Hallmark Channel kicks off the 2023 season on October 20th. There are 31 new Christmas movies this year. The Hallmark Channel will air new movies every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from October 20 to December 17th.

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Schedule

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries doesn't air as many Christmas movies as the Hallmark Channel, but the movies do they show are usually some of the best. I find that their movies have more depth and heart than others.

There are 9 Christmas movies this season that will air on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries every Thursday night.

I love the way Hallmark has broken up their schedule so that there's a new movie airing every week, Thursday to Sunday. No more competing with each other with new movies airing on the same night. Here's a look at the Hallmark Christmas schedule 2023 for HMM.

Hallmark Christmas Schedule 2023

To see more about the schedule of Christmas movies, you can visit the Hallmark Channel for the Hallmark Christmas Schedule 2023 Preview or Hallmark Movies and Mysteries for their Miracles of Christmas 2023 schedule.

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