The Blessing Bracelet Review: Hallmark Easter Movie 2023

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Sometimes the pressure and stress in life can feel unbearable, but The Blessing Bracelet reminds us that our faith can get us through. The uplifting Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Easter movie is a testament to the holiday and all that it stands for. Here's a look at the movie, and why I think it's one you won't want to miss.

The Blessing Bracelet

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The Blessing Bracelet Storyline

Dawn (Amanda Schull) is a single-mother who is struggling to hold onto her house. Her ex-husband left her in a financial hole that she has been working to get herself out of. But with only a few more weeks before the bank will foreclose on the house, she is stressed and overwhelmed by what this means for she and her teenage son.

Even though Dawn is nervous and overwhelmed by her situation, she doesn't dwell on it. Nor does she feel sorry for herself, or accept her parents offer to help out. She wants to prove to herself, and probably others, that she is capable of taking care of herself. So she takes on a second job, and works that much harder to earn the money she needs to pay-off her debt.

As a veterinary technician, Dawn meets Ben (Carlo Marks) when he brings in his dog Lollie for a check-up. The two have an immediate connection, and Ben even asks her out as he's leaving the appointment. However, with everything on Dawn's plate, she tells him that she's too busy to date right now. Luckily it's a small town, and the two keep bumping into each other. Dawn's son Justin becomes Ben's dog walker, so they have that connection as well.

Dawn's second job is as a waitress at the local restaurant. The veteran waitress who trains her gives her a tip that she should give her customers a little something to let them know she appreciates them. For example, her trainer leaves a mint or butterscotch when she delivers the check to her customers. For Dawn, she decides that she'll hand out bracelets that she makes. The Blessing Bracelet is a bracelet that has 4 beads on it, and for each bead you are to think of one blessing for which you are grateful.

The Blessing Bracelet

My Review of The Blessing Bracelet

The Blessing Bracelet is one of those feel good movies that I love. While Hallmark movies always have a wholesome quality, this one really taps into the Easter message and is more religious than other movies. But this really is part of it's charm. I think the message of the movie is something that we all need. A reminder that being grateful for what we have, and not focusing on the negative, is what we need to be happy.

As word spreads about the blessing bracelets that Dawn makes, her business booms. Her friends help her start a website so that she can accept online orders. And, a big department store puts in a huge order that they want fulfilled in time for Easter. With so many orders and not much time, Dawn's friends, and members from her church, step-up to help.

It's not just the message that's so special with The Blessing Bracelet. Amanda and Carlo are both wonderful in their roles. I am a fan of Amanda from her days on Suits, and of course I love Carlo from Chesapeake Shores. As Dawn and Ben they make a beautiful couple. They both are kind, generous, and helpful individuals. The type of people you want the best for, so it's easy to cheer them on as they quietly fall in love.

The Blessing Bracelet Carlo Marks

Recap of The Blessing Bracelet

While The Blessing Bracelet highlights the Easter holiday, and celebrates the new beginnings that the Spring season offers. This movie is perfect to watch anytime you have the chance. No matter what your current situation is, I can't help but think that you'll walk away with a little more hope, and faith. A more positive attitude that things will work out OK. And if you need a little reminder for yourself. Or, want to share the gift with others, how about giving a blessing bracelet to someone special? I think that like this movie, the bracelet is a beautiful gift, and a wonderful reminder to be grateful for all that we have.

The Blessing Bracelet

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