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It has been ten years since Lindsay Lohan was in a starring role and the Falling for Christmas Netflix movie is the role she chose for her return. Was it the right gig for her to choose and was it worth the wait? Here's a full review of the movie to help you decide whether this Christmas movie is one to skip, or watch, this holiday season.

Falling for Christmas Storyline

The Falling for Christmas Netflix movie tells the story of Sierra (Lindsay Lohan). A spoiled, rich kid whose father Beauregard Belmont (Jack Wagner) owns a huge hotel business. Her Dad wants her to get into the family business, but Sierra is too busy having fun, and living the life of privilege with her boyfriend Tad (George Young).

Tad is one of those obnoxious rich guys who spends his time taking selfies and promoting himself on social media. He takes Sierra off to the ski slopes to propose. When she falls off the edge of the mountain and hits her head, she ends-up in the hospital with amnesia. Local ski inn operator Jake (Chad Overstreet) brings her home to the Inn so that she has a place to recuperate.

Sierra gets to spend time recuperating at the North Star Lodge with Jake, his daughter, and his mother. It's a time to celebrate all of the traditional Christmas festivities, like the town's Christmas tree lighting. And, for Sierra to be a regular person where she can think about her childhood Christmas's with her mother.

Falling for Christmas Netflix Movie
Falling for Christmas Netflix Movie starring Lindsay Lohan

Falling for Christmas Netflix Movie Review

I guess I should start by saying that I'm not a Lindsay Lohan fan. I tried my best not to bring that bias with me when I started the movie, but the start of this movie definitely plays into everything I hate about her public persona. And of course that's probably what Director Janeen Damian figured. The obnoxious and privileged persona of Sierra looks a lot like how I picture Lindsay to have been in her 20's.

I think that this movie couldn't decide what type of movie it wanted to be. The opening 15 minutes is very campy and it seems like the Falling for Christmas Netflix movie is trying to be a comedy. Even after Sierra gets to the Inn, the Director tries to use comedy to show-off how out of touch Sierra is. She doesn't know how to make a bed, or do laundry. The problem is that the gags are all clumsy, tired, and not funny.

The movie is at it's best during the second half when it focuses on Sierra's time at the Inn. Since she has amnesia they call her Sarah. Sarah is a down to earth person who enjoys spending time with Jake and his daughter. She has fun working at the Inn and plans a fundraiser to help save the struggling business. This is when the movie lets the quiet moment sink it. It doesn't focus on trying to be funny, and that makes it much more enjoyable.

The movie gets annoying anytime Tad is in the picture. His character is over the top obnoxious and I just hated the feel of the movie anytime it focused on that side of Sierra's character. Which made me feel like I was on a roller coaster with the movie. Hated the beginning, didn't mind the middle, annoyed again, then mildly satisfied. It's a tiring way to watch a movie and doesn't really let you get fully vested in the Falling for Christmas Netflix movie.

Falling for Christmas Netflix Movie

Falling for Christmas Netflix Movie Recap

I have to say that I didn't hate this one as much as I expected. The middle part of the movie that focused on the quiet time at the Inn with Sierra and Jake was OK. But it's hard to recommend a movie on just part of the movie. Unfortunately overall it falls flat and this is definitely one to skip. For Lindsay Lohan fans happy to see her back on screen, you may enjoy watching some of her classics like Freaky Friday or Parentrap instead.

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