Lifetime Christmas Movies 2022

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Tis the season and that means that its time for the Lifetime Christmas Movies 2022. Here's the list and early review of which movies to keep an eye on so that you don't miss a hidden gem. See the full schedule and get your DVR set for a fun-filled holiday season.

Lifetime Christmas Movies 2022 Highlights

There are 26 new Christmas movies this season on Lifetime. Unlike the Hallmark Channel and Great American Family, Lifetime holds off until November to kick-off the holiday season. So as much as you may be itching to watch a Christmas movie, you'll have to wait over two weeks to see the first holiday movie on Lifetime. This year's Lifetime Christmas Movies start on November 5th.

Lifetime Christmas Movies 2022

Lifetime Christmas Movies To Watch

There are so many movies to choose from this season. And, an amazing group of actors and actresses who are part of the casts. And if you're a Hallmark channel fan and usually watch the Christmas movies on that channel, then you'll appreciate a lot of friendly faces who have made the move from Hallmark and are part of the Lifetime lineup. Here are a few of the movies and actors I'm looking forward to seeing this season.

Merry Swissmas starring Jodie Sweetin. Christmas in Switzerland, now I don't know what sounds better than that. I love it when Christmas movies take it on the road and show me a new setting. And I don't know what sounds cozier than a Swiss ski village during the holidays.

Santa Bootcamp stars Emily Kinney and Justin Gaston. It also includes Rita Moreno and is directed by Melissa Joan Hart. I'm also excited about this one because it includes an inclusive lineup of actors and actress. Including, deaf actors Deanne Bray and Zyra Singleton.

Reindeer Games Homecoming starring Sarah Drew. Since her departure from Grey's Anatomy, I'm always thrilled when I can watch Sarah Drew on TV. Not only is she starring in this Lifetime Christmas movie, but she also wrote and executive produced it. I hope this one is as good as I think it will be.

Steppin' Into the Holiday starring Mario Lopez and A New Orleans Noel starring Patti LaBelle round out the top 5 movies I'm looking forward to seeing this year. There are others that look appealing too so I certainly could have kept going with my “watch list”, but these are the 5 that I chose to focus on when looking at the Lifetime Christmas movies 2022 list.

Although 26 movies is a lot, it's not as many as the Hallmark Channel. Especially when you add in the new movies on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries too. Between both of those channels I think that puts the total Christmas movies for the Hallmark network at 40. That is A LOT of movies.

I think that Lifetime's goal is to deliver quality movies and not focus as much on the quantity. They've put together a great line-up of movies and it's enough to keep us entertained throughout the peak weeks of the holiday season. Verses Hallmark and Great American, who choose to start sooner. Sometimes by the time December comes around I feel like I've been watching Christmas movies for months. So there's something to be said for waiting until November to start the holiday movies.

Merry Swissmas
Merry Swissmas

Lifetime Christmas Movies 2022 Recap

The schedule for the Lifetime Christmas movies 2022 is packed with amazing actors. I love the diversity and the representation shown on this network. At first glance the stories all sound interesting too. I really hope that they live up to my expectations and that it's a memorable season of Christmas movies on Lifetime this year.

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