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The Autumn in the City Hallmark movie is part of the Hallmark Channel's October lineup of fall themed movies. Some of the “Autumn Harvest” movies were loaded with pumpkins and other fall staples, while this movie uses the backdrop of New York City to highlight the best of fall.

The Autumn in the City Story

The Autumn in the City Hallmark movie tells the story of Piper (Aimee Teegarden) who temporarily moves to New York City. She is only two months away from her 30th birthday and she's trying to figure out her calling in life. She grew up in the Midwest and her parents want her to continue working in the family store. But Amy feels that she is destined to do something different, something more, something that is her passion.

Amy sublets an apartment in New York City and starts bumping into her new neighbor Austin, played by Evan Roderick. Austin too is caught between what he wants to do for a living and what his mother thinks he should be doing. The son of a prominent journalist, his mother thinks that he is destined to follow in her footsteps, but he wants to pursue his dream of writing children's books.

During her time in New York, Amy takes on a variety of odd jobs to see if she can find one that feels like the right fit. In her spare time she works on her sketches and artwork. Austin sees her sketches and notices how talented she is. So, he asks her to help put together some illustrations for a book he's pitching to a publisher.

Autumn in the City Setting

Autumn in the City Subplots

Unlike a lot of Hallmark movies, Autumn in the City doesn't bring in many subplots. Sure, there's Evan's mother and two friends who own a local cafe who are part of the story. But, it's really the relationship between Austin and Piper and their joint quest for artistic satisfaction that drives this story.

The so called “twists” in the story include Piper and Austin both being fired from their jobs. And, Austin not standing up for Piper when the publisher chooses to go with a seasoned illustrator instead of taking a chance on a newcomer like Piper. Just when Piper is ready to give up and head back home, she realizes that she has to fight for herself and for what she wants.

Autumn in the City Cast and Setting

The Autumn in the City Hallmark movie is a charming movie that's made even better by the cast. Aimee Teegarden is the quintessential girl next door. She is kind, helpful, and has a very positive attitude. She definitely stands out as a newcomer to the City and it's part of the charm of her character and the movie.

Although the movie is rounded out with a solid supporting cast, and Evan. I think that New York City is almost another character in the movie. The story weaves you through different parts of the city, shows off the theatre and art world. Plus, brings us along on a walking tour of the City on a beautiful fall day. The beauty of New York City makes this movie special to me.

Another part of the Autumn in the City Hallmark movie that I enjoyed was Piper's artwork. She really captured New York City and we got to see the beauty of the city through her eyes. And as a creative person, I just really enjoyed watching her work and seeing the illustrations she created for Austin's book.

Autumn in the City Cast
Autumn in the City Hallmark Actress Aimee Teegarden

Autumn in the City Hallmark Movie Recap

Autumn in the City has been my favorite movie in Hallmark's Autumn Harvest movie month. I'm so happy to see that Aimee Teegarden is still with Hallmark and I can't wait to watch her this Christmas as I'm sure she'll be part of their holiday lineup. The Autumn in the City Hallmark movie is one that I recommend. On so many different levels I found it to be one of my favorites this season.

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