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Nothing says fall more than pumpkins, so it's only fitting that the Autumn Harvest lineup on the Hallmark Channel includes the Pumpkin Everything Hallmark movie. A fall-themed romance that reunites childhood sweethearts.

About the Pumpkin Everything Hallmark Movie

Pumpkin Everything is the story of Amy, played by Taylor Cole. Amy is a budding author who is getting ready to go on tour to promote her latest book. But just while she's getting ready for all of the excitement of a book tour, she gets a call from home that her Grandfather had an accident and needs help taking care of his store. The name of the store? Pumpkin Everything of course.

It has been a while since Amy has been back to her hometown because her Grandfather has not been supportive of her career choices. He wanted her to go to college to get a degree in business so that she could take-over the family store. But, Amy had dreams of being a novelist so she followed her own path.

When Amy gets home she finds that her old boyfriend Kit, played by Corey Sevier, is helping her Grandfather run the business. So as Amy helps out while her Grandfather recovers from his accident, she ends-up working alongside Kit. They get to catch-up about why things didn't work out, regrets they have for how things were handled, and of course the sparks between them are still there and re-ignite.

A couple of sub-plots in the Pumpkin Everything Hallmark movie includes Amy's single mother finding romance again. And, the conflict of aging in place or moving to a senior living center for her Grandfather. It's a challenge that many of us face as our parents age and they aren't able to live on their own. Or, aren't able to care for themselves due to health concerns. The movie shows the struggle that her Grandfather faces as he doesn't feel ready to move.

Pumpkin Everything Hallmark Movie

Pumpkin Everything Hallmark Movie Cast

Taylor Cole is one of my favorites on the Hallmark Channel. She is typically in good movies and I just love her presence on the screen. She is warm, caring, and just has a beautiful and inviting way about her. Corey Sevier is equally as relaxed on screen. You can see the chemistry between them and understand how they would have dated when they were younger. Their relationship comes naturally and that makes the movie fun to watch.

Michael Ironside plays the Grandfather and you may recognize him from his extensive TV and film experience. Some of his most memorable roles include Top Gun, Total Recall, and Barry just to name a few. His filmography is HUGE.

Pumpkin Everything Cast

Pumpkin Everything Book

The Pumpkin Everything Hallmark movie is based on the book by Beth Labonte. While I haven't read the book, I can tell you that it has a 4.3 rating with almost 1400 reviews on Amazon. The book is free to read if you have Kindle Unlimited, so it's a great book to pick up if you want a little more substance than what you get from the movie. There is also a second book in the series, so if you like the author you have more to read and maybe we'll even see a second Hallmark movie from her in the future.

Recap of the Pumpkin Everything Hallmark Movie

The Pumpkin Everything Hallmark movie is one that will get you in the season. If you are a sweater-weather type of person and can't wait until Dunkin' and Starbucks bring out their pumpkin spice drinks, then this movie is for you. There's nothing unique, or terribly original about the story but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. I think the part of the story that I liked the least was the relationship between Grandfather and Granddaughter. Of course he naturally comes around and marvels at the wonderful career that she built for herself, but his attitude towards her throughout most of the movie seemed far stretched to me.

The Pumpkin Everything Hallmark movie is all about getting second chances in life. Second chances at lost love, second chances between family members. And, second chances at carving out a different path for yourself and accepting that change isn't always a bad thing. We just have to be open to our options.

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