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Fashion takes on love in the Well Suited for Christmas movie on Lifetime. When a fashion designer is paired with a bachelor during a charity fundraiser, will sparks fly between the two? Here is the inside scoop on the Lifetime channel's second Christmas movie of the season. Is it one to sit back and enjoy? Or, should you skip it and wait for the next one.

Synopsis of Well Suited for Christmas

Well Suited for Christmas tells the story of fashion designer Rachel Rocca (Mercedes de la Zerda). When Rachel is chosen to participate in a prestigious design contest during the holidays, she is paired with the city's most eligible bachelor Brett Stone (Franco Lo Presti). Of course it is not a match made in heaven as Brett wears only black and insists that the tuxedo she make for him is the same. This is contrary to everything Rachel's brand represents. She is all about color, intrigue, and innovation.

Rachel spends time with Brett trying to understand his character and design a tuxedo that reflects his personality. As a child who grew up in the foster care system, Brett fiercely guards his privacy and doesn't share his story with people. He gives back by building charities that support foster kids and the fundraiser for the design competition supports this cause too.

Rachel's parents are in town to visit for Christmas and they are impressed by Brett and his business. Brett's company has daily Christmas activities for it's staff, like a gingerbread decorating class with a renowned baker. Rachel's parents are invited to participate and they get Brett to open up and share more of his personality with Rachel. In the end they find that they have more in common than they thought and they both respect the other's business success.

As Rachel and Brett spend time together there's a natural chemistry and attraction between them. The challenge is that they both want different things out of the contest. For Brett, his goal is to focus on foster kids and raising money for his charity. For Rachel, she is focused on how winning the contest could make or break her career. As a young fashion designer, she needs the access and recognition that winning the contest would bring to her brand. As it turns out, she finds a way they both can win.

Well Suited for Christmas
Well Suited for Christmas on Lifetime

My Take on Well Suited for Christmas

I actually really enjoyed this movie. It's one of those movies that just has a lot of charm to it. I thought that the entire cast was a lot of fun to watch. I particularly enjoyed DeMario (Gabriel Hudson), the young boy Brett and his team mentor. And, Rachel's parents played by Stephanie Herrera and Xavier Sotelo. I loved the chemistry between the parents. They had so much fun with everything that they did while visiting Rachel and they really just brought out the Christmas spirit in the movie.

I think that the way they wove Christmas activities into the staff appreciation activities the company hosted was a lot of fun. It gave a different glimpse into Christmas fun and it also provided a relaxed and fun way for Brett and Rachel to spend time together. It was a natural way to watch their friendship and attraction develop and it made the movie fun to watch.

Well Suited for Christmas Recap

Well Suited for Christmas aired on November 6th and as the second Lifetime Christmas movie this season, it's hard to say how this one will compare to the others. However, I'm happy that Lifetime kicked off the new holiday season with two solid movies to watch. So if you're just getting into the Christmas spirit, this is a light and entertaining movie to enjoy.

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