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When an event is ruined by the Prince's new puppy, he's forced to hire a dog trainer to help him get the puppy trained before the holiday. Can an American YouTube star save the day in A Royal Corgi Christmas on the Hallmark Channel? Here's a review of the movie and the cast.

A Royal Corgi Christmas
A Royal Corgi Christmas

A Royal Corgi Christmas Synopsis

Prince Edmund (Jordan Renzo) is a jet-setting royal who hasn't been home for the holidays in years. But when the Queen summons him home, he has no choice but to attend. Wanting to please his mother, he brings home a new corgi named Mistletoe to add to her dog family. Unfortunately, this young puppy isn't trained properly and a video goes viral when Mistletoe is caught destroying the buffet at a royal party.

Determined to please the Queen, Edmund hires an American YouTube star and author Cecily (Hunter King) to come train Mistletoe. They have three weeks to work together to get Mistletoe trained in time for the big Christmas ball at the palace.

Prince Edmund thinks he'll just be able to hand-over Mistletoe to Cecily and she'll take care of the training. But when he learns that he has to be involved in all of the training sessions, he reluctantly participates. Along the way, he learns to stop worrying about becoming the King and instead focus on what makes him happy in life. He chooses to help a home for foster children, and he hosts a Corgi Christmas Derby to raise money for an animal shelter. Cecily helps Edmund understand that he can find a balance between helping the royal family, and doing something he loves.

A Royal Corgi Christmas Cast

A Royal Corgi Christmas Review

If you've read my article that ranks all of the 2022 Hallmark Christmas movies, then you know that I love a movie with a royal theme. Unfortunately, A Royal Corgi Christmas doesn't live up to a Jolly Good Christmas or The Royal Nanny. It doesn't have the charm, mystery, or depth of these movies and really it just falls short in so many ways.

While a movie with a British, or royal theme is always fun, there is a limit to how many you can watch and I think that the Hallmark channel pushed it and did one too many this year. I did like the story line because I'm a dog lover and it was fun to see the dogs in the movie. However, the dogs shouldn't be the highlight of the movie.

The Verdict: It's a Dog. Yup, I said it 🙂 I think that when the best part of the cast is the four legged variety, then a movie is in trouble. That's not to say that the acting was terrible, but I just didn't see any spark with anyone. My favorite person in the movie was Hobbs, the Queen's assistant (although I know there's a more formal name but I can't remember it). Hobbs is authentic, real, and very charming.

I think that part of the reason why I like movies with a royal theme is because the setting, designs, and decorating are usually magnificant. I mean what's more gorgeous than a castle lit-up in lights inside and out. Unfortunately, A Royal Corgi Christmas must not have had the budget, because the decorations were underwhelming. I know that the movie kept mentioning that it is a very small country, but I still can't imagine that the royal ball would have so few guests. To really sell this type of movie, you have to go all out and make those moments in the movie memorable.

I think the photos that Hallmark releases for it's movies tell a lot about the movie itself. I mean if you look at the picture below, you can see that there's no spark, or excitement from Hunter or Jordan. Sure, they had some scenes where there was a little more chemistry. But, it was nothing that was very moving or convincing.

A Royal Corgi Christmas Review

A Royal Corgi Christmas Recap

It's pretty sad when the cutest thing in the movie is a spirited puppy named Mistletoe. Of course I may be a little biased since I love dogs, but I think A Royal Corgi Christmas fell flat whenever a dog wasn't in the scene. And that doesn't say a lot for the movie, so I have to recommend skipping this one and watching one of the other great Hallmark movies this holiday season.

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