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When there is a security threat against the royal family, an MI5 agent is placed undercover as The Royal Nanny. Can Claire keep the children safe, while also solving the mystery about who is threatening them? In this movie review I'll share my thoughts on whether this Christmas movie is worth adding to your watch list this holiday.

Summary of The Royal Nanny

When there is a security threat against Princess Rose (Katie Sheridan) and her two children, Claire (Rachel Skarsten) is placed undercover as their nanny. As an MI5 agent, Claire is the perfect person to keep the kids safe. But, her lack of experience with children makes her apprehensive to go undercover. With so many rules and protocal to follow, Claire gets a crash course in nannying 101 from Ms. Lansbury (Greta Scacchi). Nicknamed “Scary Poppins”, Ms. Lansbury is an expert with decades of experience being a royal nanny. She trains Claire on everything she needs to know, including how to use an umbrella to keep the charges (aka kids) safe.

Known for being mischievous and making nanny after nanny quit, Claire has to win-over the children and prove that she's up to the challenge of being their nanny. When she figures out their pranks, and pulls one herself, the children start to warm up to her. It takes a little bit longer for their uncle, Prince Colin (Dan Jeannotte) to warm up to Claire though. Which turns out to be a challenge since Claire is also tasked with keeping an eye on Colin to see if he's involved with the security threat.

The Royal Nanny
The Royal Nanny

The Verdict

A royal charmer! I don't know if it's just me, but Hallmark is really hitting it out of the park this year with their British themed Christmas movies. My ranking of the 2022 Hallmark Christmas movies currently has Jolly Good Christmas in the top spot. So maybe I just have a sweet spot for an English accent, but whatever it is I think The Royal Nanny is another winner from across the pond.

There have been plenty of nanny themed movies over the years, but this one differentiates itself by also being a mystery. Claire and the security team have to figure out who is following the children and threatening the royal family. It's a great combo of romance and intrigue. Plus, a lot of great fun and humor.

If you're a Mary Poppins fan, and who isn't, you'll appreciate how Claire masters the use of the “Mary Poppins umbrella” to protect the children. It's the nanny trick taught to her by Ms. Lansbury and Claire puts it to good use. Realistic? Of course not, but plenty of fun none the less.

In addition to a great cast and a fun storyline, The Royal Nanny also includes beautiful sets and locations. Who doesn't love a castle decked out for the holidays. From the interior decorations, to the breathtaking lights outdoor, I always love seeing a castle full of Christmas decorations. It's part of the charm of a British-themed movie to me. Now unlike Jolly Good Christmas I don't think that this one was actually filmed in London, but that's OK. It still has all of the magic needed for a royal themed Christmas movie.

The Royal Nanny Recap

The Royal Nanny is definitely one that I recommend watching this Christmas. It was lots of fun to watch and is packed with humor and charm from start to finish. I loved Rachel Skarsten in this role and I thought that the entire cast was brilliant. For a light-hearted Christmas movie that includes a mystery to solve, you'll love watching The Royal Nanny.

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