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Kelsey Grammer and Spencer Grammer star in the Lifetime Christmas movie The 12 Days of Christmas Eve. Can a scrooge-like businessman turn his life around and figure out the meaning of Christmas before it's too late?

The 12 Days of Christmas Eve Synopsis

Brian (Kelsey Grammer) is a Scrooge-like man who has a successful business, but is has come at the cost of every relationship in his life. Making money is his top priority and he doesn't prioritize his relationship with his daughter Michelle (Spencer Grammer) and granddaughter Harkin. When he has an accident on Christmas Eve, Santa gives him a second chance to set things right and save his life.

Santa gives Brian 12 days to figure out the meaning of life. And, the meaning of Christmas. The 12 Days of Christmas Eve is like A Christmas Carol meets Groundhog Day. Brian wakes up every morning and gets to re-live Christmas Eve. With each day that passes, he gets a little bit closer to being a better person and figuring out how he can fix the relationships in his life. But it's not easy for him as he struggles to realize that throwing money at things won't fix his problems.

Brian struggles to understand what he needs to do to repair things in both his personal and business life. Just like Scrooge, he is the leader who asks his employees to work on Christmas Eve. He was raised to believe that you don't get anything in life without hard work, and he expects those around him to have the same philosophy. It's the way it has always been for him in the past, and the present. Can he fix it and change his ways so that he has a future?

The 12 Days of Christmas Eve
The 12 Days of Christmas Eve Starring Kelsey Grammer

The 12 Days of Christmas Eve Review

The Verdict: Fun and Fresh. The 12 Days of Christmas Eve is a light-hearted and fun Christmas movie. It's full of humor and Christmas cheer. It's great to see real-life father and daughter Kelsey and Spencer Grammer working together. As one would expect, they had great chemistry together.

Each day Brian thinks that he has figured out the meaning of life, and each day he ends-up missing the mark. But it's a lot of fun watching him try to figure it out and to see him doing generous things that he thinks will save him. In the end he knows that the meaning of life is love. Love isn't always perfect, but love is about showing up and spending time with others. Michelle doesn't want her father's business, or his money. All she has ever wanted was his time, love, and support. To know that she is the most important thing in his life.

Brian also learns a valuable lesson about himself. About how he has struggled with relationships his whole life because he was insecure himself. When you don't have love for yourself, it's impossible to love others.

The 12 Days of Christmas Eve Recap

I think that The 12 Days of Christmas Eve is one to watch this holiday season. You can stream it on Lifetime and without commercials the running time is one hour and twenty-seven minutes. It's so nice to see Kelsey Grammer on TV again and I thought that he did a wonderful job capturing all sides of Brian. From the cranky guy in the beginning, to the loving and generous man that he becomes. He helps us see that the time we spend with others is the best gift of all at Christmastime.

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