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Already struggling in her new role as CEO for her late Grandmother's cookie business, things get even worse for Annie when the secret recipe for their best-selling cookie is stolen. A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe stars Rachel Boston and Victor Webster as competing bakery owners. Is this movie extra sweet, or too sappy? Here is my complete review of the story, the cast, and my overall impression.

A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe
A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe: Rachel Boston and Victor Webster

A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe Storyline

Annie (Rachel Boston) is a successful, hard-working business woman who leaves her corporate job to take over her Grandmother's bakery after her death. After several years of slipping sales, Annie is struggling to make Cooper's Cookies profitable again. She is cutting costs, and that includes the Christmas tree lighting that the company sponsored every year. Annie is also struggling to connect with her employees, and the Board of Directors for the company. Annie is all business and has lost site of the charm of the shop her Grandmother built.

Her Grandmother's secret cookie recipe is kept on display at the story, in a glass enclosure like you'd see at a museum. When Annie arrives one morning to find that someone stole the recipe, the only clue she has is a customer loyalty card to Bella's Bakery. Whoever stole the recipe dropped it by mistake, so Annie uses that as her starting point for investigating the crime. She keeps the theft a secret as she doesn't want the Board to know what happened. Because not only was the hard copy stolen, but the digital version was deleted from the computer as well. Annie fears that this would be just the excuse the Board needs to remove her as CEO.

Sam (Victor Webster) is the owner of Bella's Bakery. When Annie accuses him of stealing the recipe, she quickly learns that he had nothing to do with it. Sam's daughter Bella gives Annie some cookies to take with her. When Annie discovers how delicious their cookies are, she recruits Sam to help her re-create her Grandmother's recipe.

Sam and Bella also help Annie as she investigates and tries to determine who could have stolen the recipe. They have two weeks before Christmas to either find the recipe. Or, to re-create it on their own.

A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe

A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe Cast

A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe has a great cast. Rachel and Victor are two of my favorites on Hallmark. I think they both have that all-American, boy/girl next door type of vibe. So authentic and down to earth. Even in the beginning when Annie is uptight and all business, you can still tell that there's more hidden beneath that tough exterior.

I also really liked Averie Peters as Bella. She did a great job and made the movie a lot of fun. I think that young actors and actresses tend to get overlooked in these movies, but I can tell you that casting can really make or break a movie for me. If the role of a child is pivotal to the movie's storyline, then the casting for the role is important and Hallmark doesn't always do a good job of casting good talent in that area.

A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe Review

I enjoyed A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe. It's not the type of movie that is going to knock your socks off, or move you to tears. It's just not that type of movie. It had humor, a good story, and a cast that I really liked.

The Verdict: Cute. I think that sums up the movie in a nut shell. It's just an all-around cute movie. I don't want to give away the story, but it does have a cute twist. And in the end, Annie came to realize that she needed to uphold her Grandmother's way of doing things. Yes, she needs to make some changes to help move the company forward. But, she can do so by honoring the Christmas traditions that made Cooper's Cookies so special.

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