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In Steppin Into The Holiday, a TV star goes home for Christmas and helps put on a dance and talent show. Connecting with his hometown roots, he realizes that he doesn't need the glitz of Hollywood or Broadway. Here's a full review of the Lifetime Christmas movie starring Mario Lopez.

Steppin Into The Holiday Synopsis

When Billy Holiday (Mario Lopez) is suddenly fired from his role as host and producer of TV dance show, he goes home to visit his family for the holidays. He needs a place to lay-low and let things cool down while his agent finds the next opportunity for him. While home, Billy meets Rae (Jana Kramer), the owner of the dance studio where his nephew dances and where Billy grew-up dancing.

Rae is putting on a Christmas recital for her students and she hopes to raise enough money to bring all of her dancers to Broadway. As a former Broadway dancer, she wants to share the experience with her students so that they have something to aspire to. When Rae realizes that she needs something bigger in order to draw the crowds, she and Billy come up with the idea of making the event a talent show as well. This way everyone in the community can get involved.

The bigger show means that they need a bigger venue for the show. There's an old barn that Billy thinks will be perfect for the event, but it needs a lot of work. With the help of his sister and the local fire department, they fix up the barn and get it decorated for the show.

Steppin Into The Holiday
Steppin Into The Holiday Starring Mario Lopez and Jana Kramer

Steppin Into The Holiday Review

The Verdict: Toe-Tapping Fun. If you love Dancing With the Stars, then you'll like Steppin Into The Holiday. Since the movie is all about a dance recital and talent show, there are tons of dance performances. And, lots of other Christmas related performances like a fire fighter with an amazing voice. As professional dancers, Billy and Rae perform together in the finale. Throughout the movie they are practicing and putting together their routine. In one scene they perform a Singing in the Rain inspired dance outdoors. No rain in sight though.

I can't say that the acting is amazing, but the dancing is. In addition to the dances with Billy and Rae, there are also a lot of fun dance routines with the children from the dance studio. The music and dances are entertaining and you'll be tapping your toes right along with them.

I liked that there are a lot of dance styles and routines shared throughout the movie. Including, tik-tok dances that Billy and his nephew Junior put together. There are dancing scenes every step of the way, no pun intended. It was nice that dancing wasn't just saved for the Christmas show at the end. As someone who loves dance, this made the movie fun to watch.

Steppin Into The Holiday Recap

Billy realizes that he doesn't need the bright lights and scrutiny that comes from living in Hollywood. Instead, he figures out that being with his family and helping people pursue their dreams is what gives him joy. He doesn't even want his old job back. He's much happier focusing on family and his community, which is a great message for us all to remember during the holidays.

Steppin Into The Holiday is entertaining, especially for dance lovers. While there are definitely other Christmas movies with more substance, and better acting, this movie is still fun to watch and is worth checking out.

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