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When an aspiring Broadway singer is having a hard time getting a leading role, she decides to join the community Christmas show and debut a new song written by a local songwriter. Gladys Knight stars in I'm Glad It's Christmas on the Great American Family channel.

Synopsis of I'm Glad It's Christmas

Chloe (Jessica Lowndes) moved to New York five years ago to pursue her dream of being on Broadway. She has made it into the chorus a couple of times, but she hasn't landed a leading role. Casting directors love her voice, but she's always too young, too old, too tall, or too short. There's always something that isn't right.

By day Chloe works in a retail store. She loves to sing while she works, and some customers admit they come in just to hear her. Her beautiful voice catches the attention of Cora Lawson (Gladys Knight) who is a real estate entrepreneur and landlord for the store where she works. This year Cora wants to bring back the Christmas show that used to be part of the community for decades. She thinks that Chloe has the perfect voice to showcase at the event, and she pairs Chloe with Jason (Paul Greene) who is a local songwriter who has written a new Christmas song.

Chloe and Jason work together to fine-tune the song and their performance. Along the way, they realize that they have more in common than just music. But with Chloe planning to move back to Detroit if she doesn't land a role by the end of the year, both are reluctant to get involved. Especially Jason, who worries that his daughter is getting attached to Chloe and she'll be disappointed.

I'm Glad It's Christmas
I'm Glad It's Christmas Starring Gladys Knight, Jessica Lowndes and Paul Greene

I'm Glad It's Christmas Review

The Verdict: Enjoyable. I enjoyed watching, and listening to, I'm Glad It's Christmas. I mean anytime you get to hear Gladys Knight perform it's something special. And Jessica Lowndes has an amazing voice too. Just hearing her sing Christmas songs while working at the retail store is a real treat. I would certainly go shopping at the store to hear her.

I'm Glad It's Christmas is cute, and has all of the Christmas moments one would want in a movie. It of course has the singing, but it also has baking, and decorations, and Christmas charm. I can't say that there are any really emotional scenes, but it's just a solid movie all the way around. The story is entertaining, even though it has flaws. Which I won't go into because I don't want to spoil, but suffice it to say that I don't think that Chloe would have made some of the decisions the movie made for her.

In addition to having great singing, I'm Glad It's Christmas also has a great cast. Jessica Lowndes is always great in these movies and it's nice to see her get a chance to show-off her singing talents. Hallmark fans will be thrilled to see Paul Greene in this movie. He is great as a Dad who's trying to expand his career and broaden his songwriting skills from writing local jingles, to writing songs for national ad campaigns.

I'm Glad It's Christmas Recap

I'm Glad It's Christmas is a nice addition to the Great American Family channel's Christmas movie lineup for 2022. I liked it a lot more than some of the other movies they've shown this year, so that right there is a major win for this movie. It's an enjoyable movie that will get you in the Christmas spirit.

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