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Can an annual Christmas competition be a way to honor and celebrate a loved one. Or, has it become something that keeps Mac stuck in a rut? The Reindeer Games Homecoming on Lifetime reunites stars Sarah Drew and Justin Bruening. Here's a complete review to let you know if the two have the magic to make this Christmas movie a success.

Synopsis of Reindeer Games Homecoming

Chase (Justin Bruening) is a Hollywood star heading home for the holidays. He is going home to help his sister as she prepares for the birth of her daughter. Her husband is on military leave and isn't available to help out during the final weeks of her pregnancy, so Chase steps up to help his sister and his nephew.

Mac (Sarah Drew) is a high school science teacher who carries out her father's tradition of running the Reindeer Games. The game is a fun, town tradition where teams of three compete against each other for the title. It starts with a polar plunge, includes an ice sculpting contest, and finishes with the top two teams competing in a floor hockey game to determine the winner.

The Reindeer Games were started by Mac's dad who was the Chief of the fire department. Since his passing, Mac uses the games as an opportunity to compete with his two closest friends. It's a way for her to celebrate and remember her Dad. But in her grief, have the games done more to keep her stuck in her life and not looking towards the future?

As Mac and Chase compete against each other, they fall back into their high school ways. Lab partners during high school, Chase broke Mac's heart when he moved on without looking back. Fearful that he'll do it again, Mac fights the chemistry between them. Can she let her heart take the lead and take a chance on Chase. Or, will she follow her head and play it safe?

Reindeer Games Homecoming
Reindeer Games Homecoming

Reindeer Games Homecoming Review

The Reindeer Games Homecoming is one of the movies that I was looking forward to watching this year. When I wrote about Lifetime's 2022 Christmas schedule, this was one of the movies that I highlighted. It was mostly because of Sarah Drew and Justin Bruening. As a Grey's Anatomy fan, I was excited to see these two back together again. But in all honesty, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed.

I enjoyed the relationship between Mac and Chase. It was really nice to see Sarah and Justin working together. The history that they have together definitely shines through in this movie, which helps us believe that Mac and Chase really do have history together. The reindeer games was a cute concept. It was a fun way to bring Christmas spirit to the movie.

I also thought that this movie had a good message. Grief is at the heart of it, but I liked how the movie got its message across. It wasn't sad, or a downer in any way. It is a good eye opener about how sometimes the Christmas traditions we celebrate may be holding us back.

The verdict: Light and fun. Good to watch if you have the time.

Reindeer Games Homecoming Recap

The bottom line is that the Reindeer Games Homecoming is a light and entertaining Christmas movie that is made even better by Sarah Drew. But it lacked special moments that tug at your heart, or memorable scenes that make this stand out from the hundreds of Christmas movies this season. But if you have the time, it's still a light and fun movie that's worth a watch. And I think it has a good message that we could all use as a reminder during the holidays. Carry your loved ones with you as you continue to live your life.

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