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When a New York City executive gets an unexpected gift, it's just what she needs to decompress and figure out what she wants in life. In A Merry Christmas Wish. Jill Wagner and Cameron Mathison team up in this Great American Channel's Christmas movie. Will it get you in the holiday spirit, or will this movie make you say bah-humbug?

A Merry Christmas Wish Summary

Janie (Jill Wagner) gets an unexpected surprise when she learns that her great uncle Randall left his farm to her. As part of the inheritance, Uncle Randall has one Christmas wish for Janie. Before she decides what to do with the farm, he'd like her to host one more Winter Festival at the farm. It has been an annual tradition that brings the whole town together, and he'd like the farm to host it one last time.

Janie heads to the farm to check it out, and to prepare for the festival. The festival extends over 3 days, and ends on Christmas Eve. This puts a damper on the plans that Janie had with her boyfriend. But she enjoys being back at the farm and seeing her childhood best friend and her brother Dylan (Cameron Mathison). Dylan works and lives on the farm, so he helps Janie get everything ready for the festival.

Janie's advertising job has her questioning her life. She feels that everything is too fake, and that the farm represents a happier and more authentic time in her life. She connects with the community and all of the neighbors who have organic farms and products. She loves helping the locals boost their businesses by using advertising that actually helps people.

But Janie faces a tough decision. Should she keep the farm and make a drastic change with her life? Or, should she take the money a real estate developer has offered. Turning the farm into condos would completely change the landscape of the town, and the place where Janie grew up. Could she live with herself if she sold out like that?

A Merry Christmas Wish
A Merry Christmas Wish

A Merry Christmas Wish Review

What a pairing! I mean I consider myself lucky anytime Jill Wagner is in a movie, but to have Cameron Mathison in it too is a bonus. A Merry Christmas Wish is a sweet movie that really does take us back to a quieter time. It focuses on neighbors helping each other. And, coming together to celebrate the holidays.

The transformation for the barn is stunning and it's a beautiful location for the Winter Festival. Who doesn't love a barn decorated with white lights right? The setting and scenery really is beautiful and is part of why I liked this movie. I'm right there with Janie as she soaks in the farm and appreciates what it has to offer. A quieter, and slower pace than what she faces in the city.

The Verdict

All-Around Solid A Merry Christmas Wish is a well-rounded Christmas movie that checks a lot of boxes. It has a great cast, and a location that really screams Christmas. The storyline is solid too, so all-in-all it's just a good movie that is worth watching.

A Merry Christmas Wish

A Merry Christmas Wish Recap

In A Merry Christmas Wish you'll be cheering for Cameron Mathison to get the girl. Janie is with a complete idiot who is not right for her. I know Christmas movie 101 to throw in a terrible boyfriend, but do they always have to do that? Janie is far to smart, talented, and beautiful to be with such a shallow guy. But maybe that's part of what makes the movie work. From the get go we know that Janie and Dylan are meant to be together, and we get to enjoy the ride as they rekindle a childhood friendship.

Where to watch A Merry Christmas Wish? If you don't get the Great American Family channel, you can watch this movie on Hulu.

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