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Love Romance and Chocolate is a Valentine-themed Hallmark movie with all of the holiday's best qualities. A romance movie starring Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp, here's everything you need to know about the movie. The story, cast, setting, and where you can watch it.

Love Romance and Chocolate
Love Romance and Chocolate

About Love Romance and Chocolate

Emma (Lacey Chabert) and her boyfriend have a romantic getaway planned for Valentine's Day. Right before the trip, he breaks up with Emma, leaving her crushed that she won't enjoy the trip to Belgium. She was looking forward to seeing the city and going on a chocolate tasting tour of all the famous chocolate shops. And, visiting the royal palace, where her grandparents fell in love.

Emma's friend encourages her to go on a solo trip and says it will be like an unscripted adventure. Emma decides that she doesn't need a boyfriend to enjoy the trip, so she goes on the trip by herself. Marie (Brittany Bristow) is the Belgian innkeeper where she stays. When Marie learns that Emma is now traveling alone, she befriends her and tries to make the trip as wonderful as possible for her.

As a food stylist, Emma loves food, and her favorite thing to do is to bake and come up with unique flavor combinations. She is thrilled when Marie sets up a chocolate tour, and they end up at a local store owned by chocolatier Luc Simon (Will Kemp). His chocolate shop is one of the oldest in Belgium, and Luc prides himself on the family traditions and recipes he carries on.

But that traditional approach has been tough on business, and the shop is having financial trouble. The store needs to win an upcoming competition and be crowned Belgium's royal chocolatier. The recognition of being named the most romantic chocolate shop and getting exposure on a magazine cover would have a big impact on the business.

When Luc's assistant is forced to go on bedrest for her pregnancy, he's left shorthanded at the shop and unable to work on the new candy to enter in the competition. Emma volunteers to help Luc. Since the palace has been closed to the public in preparation for the upcoming Belgian royal wedding, the competition is the only way she'd be able to visit the castle. It is a win-win for both of them, and Luc agrees to let her help.

Emma has the kitchen skills and baking knowledge to help Luc, but making chocolate is new. He teaches her all about tempering the chocolate and making the perfect candies. Together they work on coming up with unique chocolate flavor profiles in hopes of coming up with a special chocolate for the competition.

As Luc and Emma work on perfecting a recipe, they use the city as inspiration. Luc takes her to his favorite spots, and Emma tells him how her grandparents fell in love. They met in Bruges, and their first date was at the St. Valentine's dance held at the Royal Palace. She even has a picture of them standing inside the castle. They are her inspiration for finding love herself. She doesn't go looking for love during her trip, but working alongside Luc, a romance blossoms.

Where Was Love Romance and Chocolate Filmed

Since the story of Love Romance and Chocolate takes place in Belgium, you may wonder if it was filmed there. And the answer is yes. The movie was filmed entirely on location in Belgium, primarily in Brussels, Ghent, and Bruges. The authenticity of the filming adds to the charm of the movie. Emma goes on the adventure of a lifetime in Belgium, and as a viewer, we get to enjoy the ride as well.

Picture of Bruge Belgium
Photo of Bruge taken by CEphoto

About Bruges

Emma's story takes place in Bruges, so I figured it would be nice to learn a little more about this city. I know that Brussels and Ghent were also used for filming, but the heart of the movie really is in Bruges. You may also see it spelled Brugge. The double-g spelling is the Flemish, or Dutch, version. In French and English, it is spelled Bruges.

Bruges is located in the Flemish section of Belgium about 1.5 hours northwest of Brussels. The city is known for its beautiful medieval buildings and cobble-stoned roads that line the canals. It's a city rich with history, and I think it's the perfect location for Love Romance and Chocolate since the city encompasses all of those wonderful traits.

Love Romance and Chocolate
Love Romance and Chocolate

Review of Love Romance and Chocolate

Lacey Chabert has been in many Hallmark movies over the years, and this is one of my favorites. I mean, the title alone says it all. Love Romance and Chocolate. Does one need anything more in life? It's a Hallmark channel movie where I wish my TV had smell-o-vision because the smell of the chocolate would be divine.

The Cast

I love the lead roles in this movie and the natural ease that Emma and Luc have with each other. But it's more than just Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp who make this movie special. I loved Brittany as Marie. She is as sweet as the chocolate, and all the accents in the movie are the best. Everything felt so authentic and natural.

The Story

I really enjoyed the storyline for Love Romance and Chocolate. And I think that part of what worked really well in this movie is that Emma went over to enjoy the planned getaway without the thought of falling in love. So when she and Luc start to get close, and a budding romance emerges, it feels genuine. Not a love at first sight type of thing, but a real let me get to know you story.

As with any good romance movie, there has to be a protagonist. But this one took a backseat to the main plot, and I was pleased about that. Max's Chocolate shop is also part of the chocolate competition, and as Luc's rival, he doesn't like to see Max and Emma together. I can see why they introduced that angle because it's the typical format to follow, but the movie would have been just as good without that subplot. The one plus was that when Max pulled Emma out of the long line and gave him a tour of his shop's kitchen, it was fun to see chocolate making in action. Can you tell that I love chocolate?

Love Romance and Chocolate
Lacey Chabert

Love Romance and Chocolate Recap

Since Love Romance and Chocolate is from 2019, you may have a slightly harder time finding it online, but it is well worth the search. Of course, you can always buy the movie on Amazon, but it's also available on Hallmark Movies Now. And if you're lucky enough to catch a replay on the Hallmark Channel, set your DVR because you won't want to miss it. It's a beautiful love story and a movie that I highly recommend. Doesn't the title say it all? All you need in life is a little love, romance, and of course, chocolate.

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