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A grad student digs up some interesting information about her Grandmother's favorite song and researches the history of the song to see how it ties to her family. A Nashville Legacy is a Mahogany production on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Here's a look at the story, the cast, and what I thought about the movie.

A Nashville Legacy
A Nashville Legacy

About A Nashville Legacy

Naima (Andrea Lewis) moves to Nashville to start a graduate program at the University. She is a PhD candidate looking at the history of music, and she chose Nashville because it's where her grandmother grew up. Raised by her grandmother, Naima has a love of music. Especially the old songs that her grandmother used to sing to her.

As part of her school program, Naima has an internship at a local music museum. She has to go through all of the music related items that people have donated to the museum, and get them ready for an upcoming auction. Along the way, she comes across some interesting items, including two dresses that look like they would have been worn by singers in a band.

The dress sparks Naima's interest in the history of girl bands and how they were overlooked in the music industry. Often poorly compensated, and pushed to the side, these female groups were vital to the music industry and Naima wants to expose the truth about their influence in music.

During her research, Naima follows a tip about a popular song that made Franklin Barryhall (Stan Shaw) a successful music producer. Rumors have always circulated that one of his original hits was actually written by another group. His son Damian (Pooch Hall) volunteers at the museum and when he and Naima get close he helps her hunt down the truth about the song.

A Nashville Legacy
Ruben Studdard

A Nashville Legacy Review

A Nashville Legacy is not your typical Hallmark romance movie and I really enjoyed that. There's a reason why the network aired this on their Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel, and that's because the movie is more mystery than romance.

Now that's not to say that there isn't a love story here. There definitely is. Naima and Damian meet while working together at the museum and there is an instant attraction. Damian hides his last name from her so that she can get to know him without his famous dad overshadowing their relationship. But once Naima knows that he is Franklin's son, it allows Damian to help her research The Daffodil Girls and the song she believes they wrote.

It was kind of nice getting the romance out of the way, so to speak, early on. I mean they shared their first kiss before the movie hit the halfway point. Just another example of how A Nashville Legacy is not your typical Hallmark movie, and I loved how different it was.

I really enjoyed learning about the history of music. And, watching Naima try to figure out the mystery of an old song. Was her grandmother involved with the original song somehow, and was she a member of the The Daffodil Girls?

As you would imagine with a music themed movie, there is some great music woven into the movie. In fact, Ruben Studdard has a cameo as one of Damian's artists who is in the studio recording a new song. It's fun to see an old American Idol alum back on the small screen.

A Nashville Legacy started a little slow for me and at first I was nervous that it was going to be a dud, but I really enjoyed the movie. I know I've said it a lot, but it's something different. The movie had a great mix of romance and mystery, which made it a lot of fun to watch. I was invested in learning the truth about the history of the song and how Naima wanted to preserve her grandmother's legacy. It was a love story in more ways that one!

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