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We all have a vision of the perfect mate, but what if you could make that vision come to life? In Made for Each Other, a sculptor's vision of the perfect man does come to life. But, she learns that perfect doesn't necessarily equate to love. So the question is, will you love this movie? Here's my review of the story, cast, and whether this Hallmark movie is worth your time.

Made for Each Other

About Made for Each Other

Rachel (Alexandra Turshen) is a sculptor who has lost the confidence to share her art with the world. She's a wonderful teacher and focuses on her students' art rather than putting herself out there and sharing her own work. Bad reviews at her last gallery event shattered her confidence and gave her cold feet.

Sculpting isn't the only thing she has cold feet about lately. With her sister's wedding coming up and her mother's persistence in setting her up with the wrong men, Rachel is on the hunt to find someone special. But Rachel is known for being extremely picky. As her family likes to joke, she has a long list of criteria and specifics that she's looking for in a guy and no one will ever measure up.

Rachel put her vision of the dream man into her latest creation and sculpted what the perfect man looks like to her. She wanted to make him feel as real as possible, so she made him life size. On top of being opinionated about what a guy should look like, she also has a LONG list of character traits that she's looking for in a guy.

He needs to be kind, smart, loyal, dedicated, a hopeless romantic, have no conflicts, be her best friend. And, be perfect. But what if this perfect man could come to life? When her friend Doris (Illeana Douglas) sees the sculpture, she shares a story with Rachel about an old Jewish folklore.

The Legend of Golem

The legend of the golem claims that hundreds of years ago, rabbis would create sculptures of men made out of clay that they would bring to life to defend the community. Doris has an amulet that her grandmother gave her. The folklore passed on by her grandmother says that the amulet can be used to bring a golem to life. Doris gives it to Rachel to see if it can bring the clay sculpture to life. Of course the amulet does work, and that's when things really get interesting for Rachel.

Made for Each Other
Made for Each Other Cast

Made for Each Other Cast

When Rachel walks into her studio the next morning, there is a half naked man and no sculpture. Clay (Aaron O'Connell) is Rachel's perfect man come to life. He thinks that everything about her is perfect. He's supportive and kind and agrees with everything she says. But Rachel quickly learns that having someone who agrees with you all the time isn't always a good thing.

David (Matt Cohen) is the best man at her sister's wedding and as her brother-in-law's best friend, David tends to be at all of the family events. As a comedian, David adds humor to situations and constantly makes Rachel laugh. He is someone who left the corporate world and his law practice behind. David understands what it means to follow your creative passion and put yourself out there for others to judge.

Of course in her mother Judtih's (Teryl Rothery) eye, the perfect man is all about status. So she pushes lawyers and doctors and doesn't think that David's career path is right for Rachel. And when Clay wants to pursue culinary school instead of law school, Judith doesn't approve. Judith also doesn't like to show the tougher side of marriage, so she has only shown her daughters a picture-perfect version of her marriage. That false version is what led Rachel to always be searching for the “perfect man.” She never thought that conflict and disagreements were part of true love.

Made for Each Other Review

Made for Each Other

I enjoyed Made for Each Other. What I liked most was that this story is something new and different for the Hallmark channel. Sure, it includes the typical romance dilemma of choosing one guy vs another. But, this movie does it in a different format and I love how refreshing that was.

I also enjoyed Matt Cohen as David. He really was a great reflection of the perfect man. On top of being handsome, David was charming, funny, smart, and he challenged Rachel. He helped Rachel understand that there's no such thing as a relationship without conflict, compromise, and differing opinions.

Love means bringing out the best in each other and Rachel and David were a great pair. Clay may have looked nice on the outside, but he was all looks and no substance.

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