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What are the best Hallmark movies 2024 has to offer? The Christmas season is behind us and Hallmark has moved onto their new movies for 2024. Here's a look at each movie for the year. I'll give a quick review for each, and let you know if it's worth watching. Which movies will make my list of the best movies for 2024?

Hallmark Movies 2024

Hallmark Movies 2024: January

January is a time where many of us are still holding onto the holidays. Our decorations and tree may still be up as we savor every moment of the holiday. I definitely fall into this category. It's always hard for me to take down the Christmas tree. It's one of the things that I love about having an artificial tree. I don't have to worry about how long I keep the tree up as it's not going to dry out on me.

But January can also be a tough month. I live in Boston where the weather is cold, daylight is short, and the post Christmas blues linger. So I look forward to the Hallmark movies 2024 has to offer. The Hallmark movies in January tend to be destination movies, or at least that's the theme so far this year. These movies are an escape from the dreary winter weather, and I'm all for it!

Love on the Right Course

Love on the Right Course

Hallmark movies 2024 kicked-off with Love on the Right Course. Starring Ashley Newbrough as Whitney, a professional golfer who goes home to Budapest to prepare for an upcoming tournament. Daniel (Marcus Rosner) is the golf pro at the country club her family owns.

Whitney has been struggling since the death of her mother, and the arguments with her caddy have made her contemplate quitting. Daniel brings back the fun of playing golf for Whitney, and together they help her Dad move through his grief.

While this isn't a movie that will make my list of the best Hallmark movies for 2024, I did enjoy it. The scenery is beautiful, it's bright, sunny, and made me wish I was playing golf myself. I enjoyed the story, and I really liked Ashley and Marcus in these roles.

A Scottish Love Scheme

The second Hallmark movie of 2024 takes us across the pond to Scotland. Erica Durance (Lily) and Jordan Young (Logan) star in A Scottish Love Scheme. When Lily and her mother go to Scotland for their annual mother-daughter trip, Lily reconnects with her childhood friend Logan. It's a plan their meddling mothers set in motion, trying to get the two of them together.

This movie was meh. There was nothing wrong with it, but there's wasn't anything great with it either. It was an all around OK movie. Watch it for the scenery and the cast. Want a really good Scottish movie? Watch A Merry Scottish Christmas with Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf.

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