Crashing Through the Snow

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Crashing Through the Snow was part of Hallmark's Christmas in July in 2021. It's a story of blended family challenges, and how to keep Christmas traditions alive while also mixing in new ones. Starring Amy Acker and Warren Christie, see why this movie is one of my favorites.

Crashing Through the Snow

Crashing Through the Snow Cast

I love the cast in Crashing Through the Snow. Amy Acker, who plays Maggie, is great in whatever she does. I used to watch her on Person of Interest and have been a fan ever since. The cast also includes Warren Christie (Sam), Brooke Nevin (Kate), and Kristian Bruun (Jeff). A well-rounded cast with great chemistry between all the characters.

Crashing Through the Snow

The Story of Crashing Through the Snow

Maggie and Jeff are divorced parents to Mia and Sophie. They always spend Christmas together, and enjoy all of the traditions that they've created with their daughters. When Jeff's new girlfriend, Kate, learns that their Christmas trip to Aspen will keep Maggie away from the girls for the first Christmas ever, she invites Maggie to join them.

Making a blended family work is tricky. Maggie feels like she's being pushed out by Kate, and of course Kate feels that she can never live up to Kate's standards and be the mother she is. It's a tough spot for all involved, but the surprise arrival of Kate's brother Sam helps to make things better. Sam is crashing his sister's perfect Christmas, and Maggie is crashing her ex's Christmas so together they help each other make the best of it.

Sam helps Maggie see that she needs to make the trip as fun as possible for the girls. He urges her to not just sit on the sidelines and skip out on all of the activities, but to push herself to ski, skate, and enjoy all of the Christmas fun that the Aspen area has to offer.

With everyone living under the same roof during the holidays, Sam and Maggie get to spend lots of time together. Their chemistry is obvious from the start. And with Sam helping Maggie “win Christmas”, they have a lot of fun building Christmas memories.

Maggie also helps Sam celebrate Christmas traditions that were pushed aside after his mother's death. Crashing Through the Snow isn't just about one blended family, it's about two families that have to navigate the challenges of welcoming stepmothers into the mix. 

Crashing Through the Snow

My Review

Crashing Through the Snow is one of my favorites. It first aired in July 2021 and the humor, charm, and light-hearted fun in the movie was a welcome change to the typical Christmas movie.

I have always been curious, and annoyed, that Hallmark doesn't air this one more frequently. The movie gets great reviews from other websites, and the fan comments on the Hallmark app are full of people saying the same thing as me. This is a great movie that is fun to watch every year. The acting, chemistry, and unique story make it one worth watching. 

Crashing Through the Snow on Hallmark

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