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Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is the place to see all of the best Hallmark mysteries 2024 has to offer. Hallmark has long been a great provider of good mystery movies and series. But with many of their longtime series ending in 2021-2023, can they fill the gap with new mysteries? Here's a look at all of the mysteries for the year, plus my review for which ones are the best (and worst).

Hallmark Mysteries 2024: January

True Justice: Family Ties

True Justice-Family Ties
True Justice:Family Ties

The new year kicked off with a new movie called True Justice: Family Ties. The movie stars Katherine McNamara as Casey, a law student whose brother is wrongfully convicted of killing one of her best friends. When he is sentenced to life in prison, she sets out to prove his innocence. Markian Tarasiuk plays Eli, a fellow law student who uses his wealth and privilege to help Casey gain access to the resources she needs to help solve the crime.

Nikki DeLoach and Benjamin Ayres have supporting roles as Casey's law professor and the detective on the case respectively. I really liked True Justice. It's nice to have a movie filled with a younger cast. I enjoyed that the movie focusses on a group of college students working together to solve the mystery. It reminded me a bit of How to Get Away With Murder, but only nicer of course.

I don't know what Hallmark's plans are, but I hope that this becomes a new series for them. They could very easily have the students tackle a new case with each new movie. And with Nikki and Benjamin bringing their talents to the show, I see this as a much needed movie series to fill the void of all the mystery series they've lost in recent years.

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