GAC Christmas Movies 2021

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As if we didn't have enough Christmas movies to watch, this year there's a new channel joining the group. GAC Family is jumping into the mix what they are calling the “Great American Christmas”. Here's a look at the 12 GAC Christmas Movies 2021.

GAC was acquired in June 2021, so they definitely are late in the game when it comes to jumping on the Christmas movie bandwagon. That's obvious when you look at the number of movies they have. Where Hallmark and Lifetime have dozens of movies planned for the season, GAC Family only has 12.

Hallmark Actors Join GAC Family

If you usually watch Hallmark Christmas movies, you'll recognize a lot of the actors and actresses at GAC. In fact, that's how I found out about their new Christmas movies. I saw an ad for “A Kindhearted Christmas” starring Jennie Garth and Cameron Mathison. While Jennie isn't a Hallmark staple, Cameron certainly is. So that peaked my interest and I set my DVR to record all of the GAC Christmas Movies for 2021.

Other familiar faces at GAC Family include Jill Wagner, Jen Lilley, Jessica Lowndes, Chad Michael Murray, and Merritt Patterson. Two more Hallmark regulars, Danica McKellar and Trevor Donovan have signed exclusive contracts with GAC. So I hope you enjoyed “You, Me and the Christmas Trees” this year because it was Danica's last Hallmark Christmas Movie. I think that most Hallmark fan favorites will leave their options open and not sign exclusive deals. This is good news for fans. Now we'll have more opportunities to catch our favorite actresses and actors as they branch out to another network.

GAC Family Controversy

GAC Family has some people worried that the network will not be inclusive. Much like Hallmark a few years back when most of the movies centered around lead characters who were white. Hallmark has become move inclusive and diverse in recent years, and some worry that GAC is going back to Hallmark's former style. In fact, some Hallmark stars, like Paul Campbell and Emilie Ullerup, say they'll wait and watch to see what GAC Family produces for content. If they are able to offer well rounded and diverse stories, you may see even more stars join GAC.

GAC Christmas Movie List for 2021

  • Much Ado About Christmas
  • The Great Christmas Switch
  • Christmas Time is Here
  • A Kindhearted Christmas
  • Angel Falls Christmas
  • Royally Wrapped for Christmas
  • Jingle Bell Princess
  • A Lot Like Christmas
  • A Christmas Miracle for Daisy
  • A Christmas Star
  • When Hope Calls Christmas
  • Joy For Christmas
  • Christmas is You

“A Kindhearted Christmas” starring Jennie Garth and Cameron Mathison

“A Christmas Miracle for Daisy” starring Jill Wagner and Nick Bateman

“Angel Falls Christmas” starring Jessica Lowndes and Chad Michael Murray
GAC Christmas Movies 2021-Joy For Christmas
“Joy For Christmas” starring Cindy Busby & Sam Page

GAC Christmas Movies 2021-A Christmas Star
“A Christmas Star” starring Sara Canning & Daniel Lissing

A Lot Like Christmas
“A Lot Like Christmas” starring Maggie Lawson & Christopher Russell

Jingle Bell Princess
“Jingle Bell Princess” starring Merritt Patterson & Trevor Donovan

GAC Christmas Movies 2021
“Royally Wrapped for Christmas” starring Jen Lilley and Brandan Fehr

GAC Christmas Movies 2021

So far I've only watched 5 of the GAC Christmas movies so I can't give a full review yet. But so far I'd give the line-up a B. The first three movies that I watched were not very good so my first grade was even lower. However, the last two bumped the grade up a bit.

I think it's obvious that the movies were put together quickly with lackluster and sometimes boring storylines. GAC is relying on viewers tuning in to watch their fan-favorite casts. But, viewers will need entertaining stories to back-up the stars, so GAC Family will need to up its game in 2022!

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