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After an extra long hiatus due to the pandemic, The Amazing Race Season 33 is almost here. CBS announced that the new season premieres on January 5, 2022 with a two-hour episode.

Season 33 has 11 teams vying for the million dollar prize. There's a great mix of duos. From childhood friends, to co-workers, and a father-daughter team. A diverse group that will surely bring drama, excitement, and a drive to be the first team across the finish line.

Amazing Race Season 33 Trailer

Here is a sneak peek at the new season. A teaser that definitely has me excited for the new year.

The Cast of The Amazing Race 33

And here's an introduction to each of the 11 teams competing this season. What I love about The Amazing Race is that you can never predict who will win. As the old saying goes, “never judge a book by it's cover.” There certainly have been plenty of teams in the past who either were eliminated well before I predicted. Or, who went a lot farther than I could have imagined. It's part of the thrill. Any team can be on top, any given week.

As The Amazing Race celebrates 20 years, Season 33 is extra special. I'm sure that Phil Keoghan and the production team had a lot planned for this season. Unfortunately, the pandemic put a wrench in their plans and forced them to pivot. Instead of relying on commercial airlines like usual, this year the show used private jets. I kind of like this because there won't be any situations where teams get an unfair advantage or disadvantage because of flight delays and unforeseen issues.

Amazing Race Season 33

You can watch The Amazing Race on CBS and also on Paramount+. So set your calendars for January 5th to watch the new season. I think this is a great way for CBS to kick-off the New Year and as a fan of the show I can't wait!

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